Two elected officials from the north of the Lot look into housing needs

Two elected officials from the north of the Lot look into housing needs
Two elected officials from the north of the Lot look into housing needs


Jean-Claude Bonnemère

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May 21, 2024 at 7:00 a.m.

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In front of the housing crisis, Jean-Christophe Cid and Gaëligue Jos, departmental councilors of the canton of Martel – Vayracwant to identify the needs of all population categories regarding the request for accommodation.

The housing crisis remains a major challenge in many regions of France, and the Lot is no exception to this problem. Jean-Christophe Cid and Gaëligue Jos, departmental advisors for the canton of Martel – Vayrac, are launching an in-depth diagnosis of housing demand in 2024. This initiative aims to better understand the specific needs of different categories of housing seekers, in order to reflect on public policies in this area.

Analysis of housing demand

The diagnosis will examine in depth the characteristics of current housing demand. This will include a demographic analysis to identify population groups applying to town halls; young workers, families, etc. All the mayors of the canton and their secretariats were contacted by the two elected officials to encourage this approach.

Identification of specific needs

Once general demand is established, the diagnosis will look at the specific needs of each demographic group. For example, it will evaluate preferences in terms of size and type of housing, financial constraints, etc. This initial work at the scale of a canton could be extended by an evaluation of the reception capacities of the real estate market, in particular with partners who are already experts on the subject at the departmental level (analysis of the supply of available housing, their geographical distribution, their suitability for identified needs).

The main objective: to clarify the feelings that elected officials have in terms of housing need. In order to establish strategic orientations and concrete actions. The aim is to answer the following questions: is it necessary to encourage the construction of housing, if so which ones? What town center developments involve promoting the renovation and rehabilitation of existing housing in our villages? “The legal framework for Net Zero artificialization requires us to think over the long term about innovative and efficient responses. This is the ambition of this in-depth diagnosis, intended to identify the needs of all categories of population residing in our territory or wishing to settle there” underline the two departmental advisors.

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