Eure: saved by an association, 14 sheep are up for emergency adoption

Eure: saved by an association, 14 sheep are up for emergency adoption
Eure: saved by an association, 14 sheep are up for emergency adoption


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May 21, 2024 at 6:50 a.m.

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Sweet, Peanut or Hazelnut. These are the first names of sheep that have just been rescued by the association The Oupsie gang, based in Thiberville (Eure). And others are still looking for a new family.

The association which collects abandoned farm animals recently came to the rescue of 24 sheep. She is now looking to have them adopted and It’s urgent : the land is not suitable to accommodate them.

Unintentional negligence

“A gentleman allowed himself to be overwhelmed by the situation. It’s from neglect, but he didn’t want to hurt them. He cried when we explained the situation to him,” says Mélodie Rigault Peretti, the founder of the Oupsie gang. It was after a call from an animal lover that the association rushed to look into the situation. She assures her, the owner has owned his animals for 25 years.

He loved his sheep very much. He is old and sick. I think he didn’t realize that the herd had grown and his land was becoming too small.

Mélodie Rigault Peretti, the founder of the Oupsie gang

It takes around 1,000 m² per sheep even though its land only measures around one hectare. Mélodie observed this negligence for a long time and this is what also pushed her to create her association.

The owner agreed to transfer his 24 sheep to the association and to give a right of passage authorizing Mélodie and the volunteers of go to your land every daylocated 20 minutes by car from Thiberville, to take care of them.

Some animals were in very poor condition. Unfortunately, some lambs have died. But the pregnancy must have been tough. They must have had a lot of deficiencies. Morgane, one of the volunteers, witnessed the birth of a baby. She did everything to save him, but he died 24 hours later.

Mélodie, president of the Oupsie Gang and veterinary assistant.

14 sheep to adopt urgently

As the land is unsuitable, it is urgent for the last remaining animals to be adopted. ©Association The Oupsie Gang

While one half has already found their new home, the other half is still looking for a family.

“Sheep cannot be adopted for breeding or to eat,” Mélodie clarifies, but rather as “pets” or as “mowers.”

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It is also necessary to respect other criteria such as having the necessary land and “for people who do not have sheep, you must adopt at least two, because they live in groups. »

Each animal spent a small medical visit : “we did a blood test, vaccination and deworming [le traitement contre les parasites] and they each have their own identification,” lists the president of the Oupsie gang.

And there is an emergency: the land is not adapted to the needs of the animals. “There is no place for water, so the sheep drink rainwater, which becomes problematic on sunny days,” explains Mélodie.

The animal shelter continues to grow

More than three years after its creation, the Gang d’Oupsie continues its development. The shelter (which welcomes abandoned animals until the end of their lives) continues to welcome animals and still has Bonnie the sow as a resident. A duck and a chicken will arrive soon. The association has also become a “host family”. Thus, she takes care of two cows destined for the slaughterhouse and saved by the association Sanctuaire Les Meuh’eureuses. They are welcomed on land lent by a local resident.

To adopt a sheep or make a donation: [email protected] or 06 42 30 73 32. More information on the Instagram/Facebook/Tik Tok page: @Legangdoupsie

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