the worrying return of rain this week

the worrying return of rain this week
the worrying return of rain this week

Already on Saturday, while residents of rue de Vallières in Metz were still absorbing the scars of Friday evening’s floods, they were also worried about the return of rain this week.

This Monday, May 20, Météo France announces the return of precipitation during the night and until the morning of Tuesday. Generalized accumulations of 20 mm in the department are announced and more locally, reaching 30 to 40 mm in the Forbach, Pays de Bitche and Sarreguemines sectors..

The rainy episode should, however, ease during the afternoon of Tuesday.

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The “cold drop positioned on the country”

In the rest of France, the week will remain dominated by the “cold drop positioned over the country or in the immediate vicinity. The Scandinavian anticyclonic blockage is expected to continue and even intensify.

It should persist until the end of May/beginning of June, with therefore a risk of a cold drop which would persist over western Europe,” specifies the French Observatory of tornadoes and violent storms, Keraunos. This “cold drop” weather phenomenon (a depression associated with cold air in the upper layers of the atmosphere) is expected to last for a few more days.

As a result, storms are forming locally, temperatures are below seasonal norms and the month of May is already experiencing a shortage of sunshine. Be patient, summer should arrive soon.




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