Paris 2024 Olympic Games: accommodation, shops, restaurants… How Val-d’Oise wants to attract tourists

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: accommodation, shops, restaurants… How Val-d’Oise wants to attract tourists
Paris 2024 Olympic Games: accommodation, shops, restaurants… How Val-d’Oise wants to attract tourists

They are deployed throughout the region to spread “the good word”, in the words of Pierre Kuchly, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Val-d’Oise. Six of its teams made up of agents and elected officials visited ten towns in Val-d’Oise on Friday May 17 to meet the department’s traders and raise awareness about welcoming tourists during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. .

The opportunity, in particular, to distribute the guide “Do you speak tourist?” », published by the Île-de-France regional tourism committee, and which provides advice to better understand the behavior of foreign visitors. “We are here to help you,” slips Pierre Kuchly as he enters the Les Quais restaurant in Pontoise. Located on the banks of the Oise, the establishment should particularly experience a large crowd on July 19, the day the Olympic flame passes in front of its storefront. “We don’t really know what to expect, but it’s a good thing,” smiles Gulden Aydin, restaurant manager. There will be people there. It’s good. »

“It’s as scary as it is envious”

But not all traders share this opinion. A few meters away, those in charge of Printemps fleur are skeptical. “We’re going to close the shop,” sigh the florists. The flame passes very early, and people will not come to buy flowers. » A position that shows the work to be done before the event. “It’s normal,” says Romain Guiraud, head of institutional affairs at the CCI. There is no feedback from previous experience, it is a new challenge. This is as scary as it is desirable, depending on each person’s profile. »

But those in charge of the chamber have every intention of helping traders, just like Val-d’Oise tourism. “Even if we are not lucky enough to have events in Val-d’Oise, the Olympic Games will constitute a showcase for the whole world, but also for Parisians,” explains Julien Bachard, president of the departmental tourism agency.

He hopes that intramural Parisians will want to go green in Val-d’Oise during the competition. “The experience of the London Olympics showed that Parisians could be tempted to leave the capital for a while. For us the highlight will be the passage of the Olympic flame, and the welcome of the United States delegation to Eaubonne. This will definitely shine a light on our department. We are here to make the connection. »

“We are extremely mobilized to make this period a success,” explains Pierre Kuchly. This is important for our department, which is the youngest in mainland France. Tourists will wonder what there is to do. »

Reservation books that are filling up

Val-d’Oise tourism carried out a study between March 11 and April 30 with 400 accommodation providers, to have a snapshot of the reservation status, understand the motivations and profiles of customers, and collect ideas to boost reservations. According to an inventory carried out in 2022, Val-d’Oise would have a capacity of 29,454 commercial beds, with lodges, guest houses and hotels.

As of April 30, 87.5% had opened their reservations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games period. Among the reasons for not opening, we include waiting for delegation agreements, or a pricing strategy aimed at waiting to take advantage of a possible windfall effect, by banking on an increase in prices. 6,004 nights had been reserved and confirmed, and an option had been placed on 3,579 nights.

75% of reservations were made by French tourists. Then come visitors from England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For the moment, there are few reservations from visitors from Asia. Most people who have already booked come to watch events, but some are there to “contribute to the smooth running of the Games”, whether they are volunteers or professionals.

Note that 74.3% of hoteliers surveyed are considering a price increase. An average increase of 53% described as “reasonable” in comparison with the offer in Paris, but with differences ranging from + 10% to 200%.

“I’ve been full since October”

Many accommodation providers already have reservations during the two weeks of Olympic competitions. This is particularly the case of Florence Da Silva. “I’ve been fully booked since October,” says the owner of a 32 m2 gîte in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt. I will welcome Dutch and Americans in particular. Some committed in August, as soon as I opened reservations. »

Owner of the Mona estate, in Neuville-sur-Oise, Luc Tricart, still has availability. “We were not able to open reservations before for several reasons, in particular because we were doing work,” he explains. We already have Belgian and French customers, and we have just opened a gîte for ten people. I like this international side. »



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