Noise prevention plan in state road infrastructure – Le Petit Journal

Residents are invited to read about the project on the Ariège prefecture website. Credits: Pref

The Noise Prevention Plan in State road infrastructure in the Ariège department is subject to public consultation for 2 months, from April 30 to June 30, 2024. This plan aims to reduce noise pollution generated by road infrastructure and thus improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of our department. It includes specific measures to limit road noise such as the installation of sound-absorbing coverings, the installation of noise-reducing walls, and the management of traffic speeds. The project is available online, allowing everyone to consult the planned measures and understand their potential impact on their environment. Citizen observations and comments are essential to adjust and improve this plan. Everyone can send their comments, suggestions or questions by email to the following address: [email protected] from April 30. This public consultation is an opportunity for residents to actively participate in preserving their living environment. The opinion of each citizen counts, so do not hesitate to express yourself by contributing to this important project for all. Email address for observations: [email protected] – Prefecture website:

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