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parents hang sheets on windows for lack of solution

parents hang sheets on windows for lack of solution
parents hang sheets on windows for lack of solution

Parents of students are sounding the alarm in Privas in Ardèche where classes are very cold in winter and very hot in summer. A situation which raises questions about the issues of insulation in old public buildings.

In this school in Privas, anger has been brewing for several weeks. Parents of students meet on the square to demand decent learning conditions in the classrooms.

In the summer it is sometimes 36 degrees in the classrooms, some parents are hesitant to let their children attend classes and one mother even mentions her daughter feeling unwell 2 years ago.

“The little one could no longer breathe, she was dizzy and so during the hot weather I no longer wear it in the afternoon.”

To protect their children, these parents painted the entrance to the school themselves with white paint to block out the sun’s rays, and they also installed sheets over the windows.

“We did a lot of small jobs but these are small pieces of work to scrounge up a few hundredths of a degree” says Marjolaine Cantus, mother of a student.

“We are not professionals, we do not have the financial or technical means of a town hall” adds Gwenaëlle Thebault, another mobilized mother.

In response, the mayor of Privas, owner of the walls, wants to be reassuring. Developments will take place in the school courtyard, he explains, indicating the location of a future playground. Equipment will also be installed in different rooms to cool the children

“There will be two fans in each class, in all schools in Privas” announces Michel Valla, mayor (DVD) of Privas, adding: “We will also air-condition the library when the effects are most significant.”

According to the FCPE, the parents’ federation, these are just band-aids. We need to go further and completely redo the building which dates from the 1980s.

“The town hall services certainly have people to beautify the famous roundabouts which are growing like mushrooms. This same staff could revegetate the facades and use European and other funds to improve these conditions in the schools,” estimated Mouloud Chahrour, FCPE representative of Ardèche parents.

The city recalls having spent 800,000 euros over the last ten years to fight against global warming in schools.

In Privas, outside temperatures can exceed 40°C in the sun, and as in many other schools in France, the question of global warming calls into question the habitability of public buildings. With 30% of the consumption of municipal buildings, schools remain the most consuming type of building in front of sports equipment and socio-cultural buildings, according to the Ministry of National Education.

As part of the Major Investment Plan, the State and Caisse des Dépôts have mobilized three billion euros for community renovation projects, including schools and educational establishments.



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