Leon Draisaitl in Montreal: Radio-Canada believes in it one hundred percent

For several years, the Edmonton Oilers have been able to count on an exceptional pair of forwards in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. These two players are among the best in the NHL and their contribution to the Oilers’ success is undeniable.

Some even talk about the two best players in the world. Their ability to accumulate points is impressive.

However, while McDavid appears to be firmly anchored in Edmonton, Draisaitl’s future appears less certain. The German striker’s contract expires in a year, and his departure is becoming more and more likely.

Recently, rumors have sent him to Boston and San Jose.

However, in the last episode of “So hockey” on Radio-Canada, Marc Antoine Godin raised another possibility: why not Montreal?

Blogs have talked about it at length. But this is the first traditional media to address the issue. In reality, this makes little sense.

In a year, the Montreal Canadiens will be a serious contender for the playoffs and will have plenty of room on their payroll to sign Draisaitl.

As Godin says so well, Draisaitl in Montreal is equivalent to Artemi Panarin in New York. The icing on the sundae to finish a reconstruction.

We’re going to be talking about a 7-year contract and almost $100 million for sure. This may seem crazy. But the salary cap will increase and the 2nd best player on the planet can be paid for in cash.

It is clear that Draisaitl would be interested in Montreal. In a year, the idea of ​​playing with the most prestigious organization in the NHL, with an offensive coach like Martin St-Louis and joining a young team full of talent will be so appealing.

Martin St-Louis is truly the hidden card. Draisaitl would dream of being a player for the coach. And wants to become the number one star of his team, he who is tired of playing in the shadow of Connor McDavid.

This just makes too much sense…

Draisaitl in Montreal…you have to believe it. Even Radio-Canada believes in it one hundred percent.



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