Digital: “Ouboutou” will represent Mayotte during the regional final of the 24h by Webcup competition

The “24h by Webcup” competition has now existed for 11 years, of which Mayotte organized the first edition in 2013. Its objective is to highlight professional and non-professional web developers in the Region by bringing together participants from 6 islands of the Indian Ocean (Comoros, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Rodrigues and Mayotte) who compete for 24 hours to create a website. After the victory of the Mahorais in 2022, it was Madagascar who won last year. The island of perfumes is therefore keen to recover its title.

The 24h by Webcup competition has existed since 2013 and brings together 6 islands in the Indian Ocean

For this 2024 edition, no fewer than 111 teams participated, representing around 300 web developers spread across the 6 territories. This year something new was implemented regarding the choice of subjects. In fact, each team had to draw a subject, whereas in past years they all had the same one. For example, the “Ouboutou” team which won first prize had the subject: the creation of a training center for superheroes. “We didn’t expect this kind of subject, even if we suspected that there would be some a little eccentric ones,” says Eyina, member of the “Ouboutou” team.

The youth of the Mahorese population: an asset for web professions

For Rakin, another member of the Ouboutou team, the main difficulty this year was communicating with some of his teammates “Eyina and I were the only ones present in Mayotte, the two other members of the team were in France , we had to video call each other often to discuss the design of the site, he explains. Also, we did not use template, we did all the coding from A to Z. It took a lot of effort because we only had 24 hours to create this site, whereas normally it can take several weeks. In addition, it had to be eco-indexed, that is to say environmental standards, we were at B. I think that worked in our favor, but also the aesthetics of our site as well as its functionalities . We wanted a “Wow!” effect. » as soon as we connected to it.

The award ceremony to the winners took place in the premises of the CCI in Mamoudzou

Also everyone knew what they had to do and the tasks they had to accomplish. Thus, out of the four team members, three were dedicated to web development while Eyina took care of the storyline and content. “I was responsible for guiding and conceptualizing the training of superheroes so that they were not a threat to society but did good,” she smiles. I therefore declined the services of a training center but for superheroes through the training processes, recruitment, registrations etc. It was very rewarding because it pushed us to be more creative and get out of our comfort zone.” As for why Mayotte has often been at the top of this competition with Madagascar for several years now, the two winners are unanimous: “It’s due to the youth of the Mahorese population! She is closely interested in the digital and web sectors. For my part, I am self-taught, I learned to code on my own in 2016 when I was 18 years old. In Mayotte there is no training for web developers…” says Rakin.

This is also what Eyina confirms, “Young people are on the lookout for new trends, new professions. They are also very agile, which allows them to adapt very easily to changes and thus seize the opportunities present in the digital sectors and the new professions associated with them.” Our winners are therefore confident for the grand regional final which will undoubtedly take place next October or November. “We hope to win of course! The roles are well distributed… My teammates are very good. I have no concerns about their efficiency and competence,” says Eyina.




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