Val d’Oise. A teenager injured in the back by a sword or machete during a fight

Val d’Oise. A teenager injured in the back by a sword or machete during a fight
Val d’Oise. A teenager injured in the back by a sword or machete during a fight


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May 20, 2024 at 8:20 p.m.

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A deep wound starting from the shoulder blade and going down the back. “An impressive injury like I have rarely seen,” underlines a police officer. Sunday May 19, 2024, it was 6:27 p.m. when the firefighters were dispatched to take charge of a 15 year old teenager having taken refuge with a member of his family on rue Evariste-de-Parny, in Beauchamp (Val-d’Oise), after having been seriously injured with a stab. “He would have been injured by a saber or machete,” specifies a Source close to the case.

After receiving first aid on site from the emergency services, the young victim was evacuated absolute emergency towards the Eaubonne hospital center. However, his vital prognosis was not in jeopardy. Interviewed by the police before his transport, the teenager did not wish to comment on the circumstances of his attack, simply confiding that he had been injured on the public highway.

Altercation near the Jean-Bouin stadium

The latter could have been injured during a violent brawl that broke out half an hour earlier near the Jean-Bouin stadium, in Taverny. Around 6 p.m., local residents alerted the police to report a clash involving fifteen to thirty individuals. Denotations have also been reported. “It was pretty quick. I first heard firecrackers, then I saw young people running away, Didier testified on the spot the day after the incident. The police arrived quickly afterwards in the neighborhood, but the individuals had already fled. » No arrests were made by the police.

Hand notch

Alerted a few moments later by the firefighters of the treatment of the teenager injured in the back, the officials were also alerted that a second victim, also aged 15, suffering from a severe cut on one handhad just been admitted to the Conti clinic in L’Isle-Adam. An injury which, again, would have been caused during the brawl.

While an investigation was opened and entrusted to police officers from the Ermont police station, according to the first elements collected, a telephone theft could be at the origin of the confrontation. The hearings of the two teenagers should make it possible to verify this lead. However, their state of health did not allow them to be heard by the police this Monday.

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