Weather: towards a contrasting week in Belgium, which begins with 48 hours of ordeal

Weather: towards a contrasting week in Belgium, which begins with 48 hours of ordeal
Weather: towards a contrasting week in Belgium, which begins with 48 hours of ordeal

The Royal Meteorological Institute is reporting a yellow warning between 09:00 and 23:00 on Tuesday due to expected heavy rain. The warning could change to orange if the forecasts are confirmed, details the IRM. The territories of the provinces of Liège, Luxembourg, Namur and Walloon Brabant are concerned in Wallonia. In Flanders, these are the provinces of Limburg, Antwerp and Flemish Brabant. A yellow warning is also valid for Brussels.

‘A new rain-storm zone will invade Belgium from the south-east on Tuesday. Especially in the afternoon or evening, intense showers and thunderstorms could develop widely over several provinces, with precipitation amounts of several tens of liters per m2 in one or several hours,” specifies the IRM.

“The soils are saturated on a large scale and damage to infrastructure along the waterways has already been observed (in the Liège region for example). Problems are to be feared, even with the lightest downpours. If the “Forecast amounts of precipitation are confirmed, certain provinces may move to code orange”, further details the Institute.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Vigorous depression and heavy precipitation

A depression located over southern Germany will move towards the Benelux and the North Sea, bringing difficult conditions from Tuesday morning. The provinces of Luxembourg, Namur, and the south of Liège will be affected by heavy showers. In the afternoon, intense thunderstorms will spread across the country.

Predicted precipitation varies between 15 and 45 L/M² in Flanders, while Wallonia could see between 45 and 75 L/M², or even 80 to 90 L/M² under the most violent storms. Maximum temperatures will reach 15 to 20°C in Wallonia and the coast, and 20 to 25°C in the north before the arrival of bad weather.

The night from Tuesday to Wednesday will be marked by persistent rains especially in the north, with minimum temperatures oscillating between 10 and 15°C. On Wednesday, the westerly wind will strengthen, reaching 70 km/h on the coast and 40-50 km/h inland, with cool maximums of 12 to 17°C.

Thursday: Alternation of sunshine and showers

On Thursday, the cool and unstable air will continue to influence the weather, bringing an alternation of sun and clouds with localized showers, sometimes accompanied by thunder. Temperatures will rise a few degrees, reaching 16 to 20°C in the afternoon, with a southwest wind blowing at 40-60 km/h.

Friday: Gradual improvement

On Friday, an improvement will be felt with drier weather and increasingly clearings of the sea in the center of the country. However, the east of the country and the Ardennes terrain could still experience some showers. Daytime temperatures will rise between 17 and 21°C at the sea and in the upper Ardennes, and up to 20-23°C in the plains.

Weekend: More stable conditions

The weekend will be marked by the development of an anticyclonic zone from Scandinavia towards the North Sea, gradually stabilizing the air over our regions. The sky will be divided between clouds and clearings, with a few showers forecast for Saturday in the interior of the country. Sunday promises to be sunnier and drier, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 18°C ​​by the sea and upper Ardennes, and 19 to 23°C in the plains.

Next week: Towards summer weather

The first half of next week will see an increasingly continental influence on the air Source, bringing sensations of pleasant warmth. The sun will generally be present, although thunderstorms are possible at the end of the day, especially in the Ardennes. Maximum temperatures will start between 17 and 20°C at the sea and in Hautes Fagnes, and 20 to 25°C in the plains, increasing day after day to reach 22°C on Wednesday at the sea and in Hautes Fagnes, up to 28 or 29°C in Campine, with 27°C in the center of the country.

In summary, prepare to face varied and intense weather conditions before enjoying a notable improvement at the end of the week and summery conditions next week.



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