Jérémie Marchand stabbed by his schizophrenic cousin

Jérémie Marchand stabbed by his schizophrenic cousin
Jérémie Marchand stabbed by his schizophrenic cousin

What was supposed to be a family Pentecost weekend turned into a nightmare. On the night of May 17 to 18 at 37 rue des Renards in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), Jérémie Marchand was stabbed in his sleep by his cousin.
The day before, this 43-year-old liberal nurse had gone to pick up cousins ​​living in the Var at Nantes airport. Among them, a 29-year-old man from Angers, diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2021.
On the night of the incident, it was around 4 a.m. when the family was awakened by screams. Jérémie Marchand comes out of his room, his chest covered in blood. He was hit at least twice with a twenty-centimeter blade. This father of two young children collapses in the hallway, then gets up before rushing down the stairs. The family hastens to control and tie up the cousin, clearly the perpetrator. Despite the intervention of emergency services, Jérémie Marchand breathes his last before being transferred to hospital.

The suspect hospitalized under duress

During his arrest, the suspect was “unable to provide his identity” according to a Source close to the case interviewed by Presse Océan. Despite everything, according to the Nantes public prosecutor Renaud Gaudeul, he recognizes “the materiality of the facts” and admits “to having killed his cousin while he was sleeping”. In police custody, where he is placed for intentional homicide, the victim’s cousin makes delusional comments.
A few hours later, the psychiatrist who examined him considered that his condition was “not compatible with continued police custody”. The same evening, he was hospitalized under duress in Blain (Loire-Atlantique).
Everywhere, his gesture raises questions. The accused has no criminal record and on the evening of the incident “ everyone apparently went to bed without there being any particular problems », Says a Source close to the matter cited by Presse Océan. According to the first elements of the investigation, the suspect committed his crime in a delirious mood. “ He does not recognize his identity because he considers that his parents were exchanged at his birth. He therefore no longer wants to recognize the members of his family, which triggered a sort of delirium of persecution at the origin of this madness…», Explains a Source close to the matter to our colleagues at Presse Océan.

“Someone very appreciated”

For those close to Jérémie Marchand, it’s a shock. On Facebook, one of them paid tribute to him: “ He was a very popular person. » A neighbor confirms with Presse Océan: “ They are a discreet, kind and uneventful family, this drama is totally incomprehensible. »
The investigation continues. It will focus in particular on psychiatric assessments which will determine whether or not the suspect’s discernment was abolished or altered during the events.

Find the investigation by our reporter Vincent Sénécal in the next issue of Le Nouveau Détective.



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