The comfort of Stade Canac and reinforcement for the Capitals

Manager Patrick Scalabrini made no secret of mentioning that his charges were really looking forward to stepping onto the Stade Canac field for the first time this season.

“The guys are excited, there’s no doubt about it. We have several veterans who were there last year, and they still have fresh memories of the series. They constantly talk to newbies about the atmosphere at the stadium. I feel a certain excitement, a local opening is always special.”


The Capitals should once again benefit from the support of the fans at Stade Canac. (Patrice Laroche/Archives Le Soleil)

A name known as a starter

The Quebec manager has also confirmed that he will call on Panamanian pitcher Abdiel Saldana to put his team back on the path to victory.

“Even though he wasn’t here for the start of the season, Saldana still made a start with us on the trip. True to form, he was very solid and he deserves this start for the first match at Stade Canac. I’m always confident when he’s on the mound.”

Expected reinforcement


Manager Patrick Scalabrini. (Patrice Laroche/Archives, Le Soleil)

The return to the home of the Capitals will also allow Scalabrini to count on new weapons in his arsenal. First of all, he will be able to use the formidable hitter Tyler Osik.

“He’s a player who has a lot of experience in affiliated baseball. An American who is compact and who also has power. His arrival should help stabilize our batting line-up.”

The second player who will be added to the Quebec lineup is right-handed pitcher Tyler Bryant. An acquisition which should give the team a good helping hand according to him.

“He’s a solid pitcher who played with Empire State last year. He has a good arm and we should be able to use him in all situations.

The arrival of the two Tylers for the local opening also means that there will necessarily be a current player who will have to give up his place with the team. Scalabrini gave himself the day off before making final decisions on his personnel.

Now all that remains is to hear the famous “Playball»!




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