SENEGAL-SANTE-PROTESTATION / Tivaouane: a march following the death of a young man at the Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh Hospital – Senegalese press agency

Tivaouane, May 20 (APS) – Hundreds of people marched peacefully, Monday, in the streets of Tivaouane, to demand the departure of the director of the Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh hospital, after the death in this health structure of the young Abdoul Hamid Guéye, on May 13, following alleged medical negligence.

An angry crowd marched in the streets of the religious city, warning about the situation of this health establishment.

At the head of the procession, many young friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues of the young man, presumed victim of the negligence of the staff of the Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh hospital, came to pay tribute to Abdou Hamid Guèye.

Coming from several districts of the commune of Tivaouane, the walkers, supervised by the police, left from the Renaissance district, not far from the stadium, to arrive at the prefecture premises.

They denounced the high cost of tickets and medicines, while demanding the departure of the director of the Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Dabakh hospital in Tivaouane.

“We are demanding the departure of director Binetou Diop Badiane, who is the core problem of the Mame Abdou Aziz Sy Hospital,” said Cheikh Abdoulaye Mboup, who spoke for the protesters.

He criticized “regular” power cuts in the operating room, as well as a machine breakdown which, according to him, prevents the urology department from functioning properly.

“Before his death, personalities from all sides challenged the health authorities of the hospital for (the evacuation) of Abdou Hamid Guéye”, but “hospital officials had promised them proper treatment. The rest, we know it,” said Mboup.

He also denounced the absence of a neonatology service in this health establishment and the “disrespect” shown by the agents of this hospital towards users.

He praised the solidarity shown by the organizing committee of the march and the populations of Tivaouane in general, who came to pay a final tribute to the deceased.

The marchers handed over a memorandum to the prefect of the Tivaouane department, Mamadou Guèye, who promised to transmit it, “as soon as possible”, to those concerned.

Questioned by the APS, the director of the Mame Hospital Abdou Aziz Dabakh, promised to comment on the march, after having brought together all of her services this week.




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