a tennis tournament with local young people from working-class neighborhoods

a tennis tournament with local young people from working-class neighborhoods
a tennis tournament with local young people from working-class neighborhoods

The Fête le mur association, which promotes tennis in disadvantaged neighborhoods, organized a tournament in Gap this Pentecost weekend. Young people from Arles, Marseille, Nice, Salon-de-Provence and Aix-en-Provence exchanged balls for three days on the Gapençais courts.

On the Gap tennis courts, the Fête le mur association took charge. Dozens of children from working-class neighborhoods in the region gathered this weekend. On reduced land, exchanges are applied. In turn, the young people are players, referees and ball boys.

“I like being a ball boy. Playing, refereeing, it’s my passion. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s in tennis”, assures Ikram, from Arles, at the microphone of BFM DICI.

Get involved in the association

The association propels young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods into a usually elitist sport. For 20 to 40 euros, young people benefit from weekly lessons and the loan of equipment.

By receiving sharing and transmission values ​​in passing. Marwa, also from Arles, is already involved in the association. “I really like coaching the baby tennis players at Fête le mur,” assures the teenager.

Some have a very long life history within the association. Marcel Rodriguez is an educator in Marseille. As a child followed by Fête le mur, he became one of the pillars in the Marseille city. “They have given me so much in my life, it’s the least I can do to continue with them and provide them with as much service as possible,” he confides.

Break away from everyday life

With these tournaments, which remain rare in a year, children and adolescents have a break from everyday life. Kader came from Arles to accompany his daughter, to see her play. He appreciates the openness towards others that the association promotes.

“In Arles, we live in large complexes, large buildings. Here we find ourselves in the middle of the mountains, it’s a wonderful setting for playing sports. And meeting other children, from Gap, from Aix, it “It’s great,” he says.

This is also the goal of the association, which does not seek to create champions, but rather citizens. “The objective above all is to share. Highlight the values ​​of Fête le mur, respect, self-confidence. Tennis is simply our working tool”, explains Christina Carvalho, the president of the Gapençaise antenna.

And even the rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants, who took refuge on the covered grounds to end the day in style.

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