in the Bas-Rhin after the floods, the fear of new floods

in the Bas-Rhin after the floods, the fear of new floods
in the Bas-Rhin after the floods, the fear of new floods

Around forty homes in Oermingen, a town bordering the Moselle, are still affected, and residents fear further flooding. Solidarity was organized to help them.

In Oermingen (Bas-Rhin), the watchword this Monday, May 20, is “solidarity”. Residents are helping each other after the town suffered heavy flooding over the weekend. Up to 1m40 of water was recorded in the streets of the town on Friday May 17.

Residents and their loved ones who came to help are exhausted. They have been cleaning their house since Saturday May 18 and now fear further flooding.

“We’re afraid. It’s a nightmare now. We’re no longer going to sleep peacefully, every time it rains we’re going to be afraid,” explains Maggie, a resident of the town, at the microphone of BFM Alsace.

The resident has lived in her home for ten years. It has experienced a few floods in recent years but never this significant. “We can’t do more, if it rains we can’t do anything. We have the papers put together but the rest we can’t,” worries the latter.

Traders affected

A similar flood occurred in 1981, then two others subsequently, of lesser magnitude. The mayor tells BFM Alsace that studies are underway to observe the flow of rainwater and possible work to deal with floods.

In the meantime, residents don’t know how to prepare. One of them told BFM Alsace that he had tried to anticipate this weekend’s floods by raising his equipment, without success.

His parents had also installed a special door in the garage to prevent the water from rising, but it exploded under the pressure. Residents pile up their furniture and objects damaged by the floods.

For his part, Pascal estimates the material losses at more than 15,000 euros. “Everything that needs to be thrown away is outside, of course we keep the household appliances for insurance purposes, but otherwise everything has been cleaned,” he explains.

A few meters away, Katia’s wellness salon was located. The losses are considerable. “We just filled two dumpsters with clutter, debris,” she shows the camera.

She assures that she cannot resume her activity. “Everything has to be redone, we need drying time, reconstruction time, I cannot work, I have lost my business,” regrets the trader.

A request for recognition of a natural disaster

In the meantime, the sorting work continues, with the help of the town hall. “The municipality has made dumpsters available. We have more than 20 dumpsters that have already been evacuated and the work is still continuing today,” explains Simon Schmidt, mayor of Oermingen.

The waste was placed on a temporary site while waiting to be taken little by little to the recycling center.

A meeting with the Bas-Rhin prefecture is planned for Wednesday May 22 to take stock, but also lessons from the event, particularly in anticipation of further heavy rain to come.

The municipality has already made a request for recognition of a natural disaster.

Inès Bachmeyer, Samileï Hoarau with Alicia Foricher

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