“I’m scared, I can’t sleep anymore. Why does France want me to leave?” An immigrant, caregiver in an nursing home, threatened with expulsion

“I’m scared, I can’t sleep anymore. Why does France want me to leave?” An immigrant, caregiver in an nursing home, threatened with expulsion
“I’m scared, I can’t sleep anymore. Why does France want me to leave?” An immigrant, caregiver in an nursing home, threatened with expulsion

Faith Otasowie is a care worker at the Dol-de-Bretagne nursing home. In France since 2011, it has been subject to an OQTF, an obligation to leave French territory. His friends and colleagues are mobilizing against this decision which they consider unacceptable and unfair.

“She doesn’t deserve this. She doesn’t deserve to be deported.” Valérie, like Sylvie and Line present this Tuesday, May 21 in Dol-de-Bretagne, does not take off. For those who are work colleagues in the La Parentèle nursing home, the obligation to leave French territory which targets Faith Otasowie is incomprehensible.

“Despite the fact that she does not have her papers, Faith has all the other rights to stay with us”argues Valérie. “She’s a good element. Everything she did before was to get by, to leave her past behind. She’s in a job in which everything goes well. She gets along wonderfully with the residents. There is never any problem with them.”

For Sylvie, this threat of expulsion is, moreover, not in line with the crucial lack of staff in establishments welcoming elderly people: “The nursing homes are looking for employees every day. But Faith has been there for more than 4 years and from June 7, she could be expelled from France. This is not logical when she brings her smile and all her goodness mood on a daily basis, despite her problems She is voluntary and does not hesitate to come to work if there is a shortage of staff and even on weekends.

It was mid-April that Faith Otasowie received this OQTF, “An 8-page rag that describes all the reasons why she is supposedly deportable and must return to her country where she will be in danger” explains Nathalie Ugen, a friend and main supporter of the Nigerian.

This OQTF, issued by the prefecture, the same one which issues him every three months a receipt (request for a residence permit) allowing him to work at the Parentèle, Faith received it following the application of the Darmanin law. Since last January, the latter has been calling for the expulsion of any undocumented foreigner who has been convicted by the courts.

However, Faith served a year in prison a few years ago, found guilty and the victim of a prostitution ring.

Faith’s story in France begins in 2011, when she calls on a smuggler to leave Nigeria, where in danger, she has to leave two children. At the time, she was told that in France, she would be able to look after children. The reality is quite different since she finds herself caught in a prostitution network with a sum of 60,000 euros to repay, the sum taken from her by the smuggler to reach France.

After many months, she manages to get out of the prostitution network but has to return to a friend who is still part of it. Then, she found herself answering the phone to young women who wanted to come to France and who subsequently fell into the network, despite themselves. This is why Faith will be judged guilty and victim and will go to prison.

However, “this past which pursues her even though she is not guilty of what happened to her, does not justify this OQTF which is an injustice for a woman who fights” believes her friend Nathalie.

An injustice that Faith has felt head-on since mid-April. She says she is well integrated into life, has a 7-year-old son, born in France, “who has never been to Africa, who only speaks French and who has his whole life and his friends here”. She does not understand what is happening to her even though she had a favorable opinion from the departmental commission for granting a residence permit in 2022. But an opinion submitted however for the signature of the prefect of Ille-et-Vilaine.

I’m scared, I can’t sleep anymore. From June 7, I would no longer be able to live, I would no longer have the right to go to work. While I was waiting for my residence permit, I received this OQTV. My whole life is disorganized.

Faith Otasowie,

Nigerian immigrant threatened with deportation

In support of Faith and her son Gabriel, a petition was launched by her friends and colleagues so that the OQTF be repealed and Faith regularized. Supporters also hope to collect enough testimony in his favor, in order to transmit them to the prefecture.

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A support rally is planned on May 30 in front of his son’s school in Dol-de-Bretagne as well as on June 12 in front of the La Parentèle nursing home.



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