Côtes d’Armor: the Department abandons Cap Sports activities for young people

Côtes d’Armor: the Department abandons Cap Sports activities for young people
Côtes d’Armor: the Department abandons Cap Sports activities for young people


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May 20, 2024 at 4:09 p.m.

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Associations and municipalities received a letter informing them of the disengagement of the Department of Côtes d’Armor concerning the Cap Sports activities.

In Merdrignac (Côtes d’Armor), the sports and cultural association (Asec) will be impacted.

Until now, she received the sum of €4,600 which supported its annual budget of around €150,000.

What financial impact?

Asec employs 3.5 salaried sports educators. This aid is calculated based on the number of children. “

Here, Cap Sports concerns approximately 150 children per week during school term and 80 during vacation time.

I was surprised by this letter. Certainly, this less amount will not stop us, nor prevent us from offering sporting activities, but I will surely have to turn to the local authorities.

Daniel Clouet, president of Asec.

Reaction of departmental advisors

For Isabelle Goré-Chapel And Mickaël Chevalierdepartmental advisors, the Cap Sports and Caps sports vacation system has real relevance in the practice of sport in rural areas.

They do not understand the disengagement of the departmental council because, according to them, this decision is not without consequences locally. “Sports Caps are an important offer on our territories”.

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“These small sums given by the Departmental Council make it possible, among other things, to purchase equipment, suggest speakers, etc. They also make it possible to offer reasonable prices to families,” they stressed.

Once again, it is the rural area which will suffer the consequences of this choice, “while it is already suffering from the transport problem.

Isabelle Goré-Chapel and Mickaël Chevalier, departmental advisors

“Without consultation”

The lack of consultation regarding this decision-making is, for the two elected officials, incomprehensible, even if they admit that it is also necessary to finance activities aimed at People with Disabilities.

In fact, the amount saved by the end of funding for the Cap sports system should help with activities for people with reduced mobility.

This decision is a bad signal from the departmental majority, which goes against what it says and that raises questions for us.

Municipalities and associations will have to look for other means to maintain the practice of sport among young people.

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