Why are atypical properties not experiencing the crisis?

Why are atypical properties not experiencing the crisis?
Why are atypical properties not experiencing the crisis?

There are purchases made for reason and “favourite” acquisitions. And in this last segment, some buyers are looking for properties that resemble them and which are unlike any other.

“Vaucluse is a historically very agricultural region. Our atypical properties are not the same as in Paris for example,” explains Laurence Lavandier, director of the Espaces atypicals du Vaucluse real estate agency. “We have many farmhouses in villages or in more isolated places. »

Renovation and services

Open-plan to offer volume and light, these properties have been renovated in a contemporary way, combining old-world charm and modern comfort with home automation, latest generation heating systems, etc.

Everything therefore comes down to the renovation and the services offered which make the property original. “Towards Carpentras, in Pernes-les-Fontaines, we have a pretty farmhouse renovated in a loft style, with large spaces, glass roofs, a hanging wood stove. This semi-industrial style is very popular,” estimates David Boschi, manager of Boschi Immobilier, an agency specializing in prestigious properties in Vaucluse and Drôme Provençale.

Increasingly strong demand

With a surface area of ​​300 m², this residence with swimming pool and large garden is for sale at the price of €979,000. Other properties belong to this atypical market in the department, but at the margins: “deconsecrated” churches, old priories, properties with exceptional views, mansions, bastides, etc.

There are also some original contemporary houses, notably architect-designed villas or wooden frame houses. “But there are few,” laments Laurence Lavandier, even though demand is high.

Resilience in the face of the crisis

Real estate agencies working in this specific market are therefore less affected than others by the transaction crisis.

“The high end is less sensitive to market variations, because we always have clients looking for beautiful properties,” underlines David Boschi.

However, “sales are slightly fewer with the crisis”, recognizes Laurence Lavandier.

Atypical clientele

“Who says atypical, says atypical clientele”explains Jonathan Le Corronc Clady, president of the National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) of Vaucluse and director of House & Co, an Avignon agency. “These buyers have a certain vision of what they are looking for. And these are not always easy goods to sell. It sometimes takes longer. »

This is confirmed by Rudi Janssens, co-founder of Janssens Immobilier, a network of prestigious real estate agencies in Vaucluse and Provence: “This is a historically slow market. There is no concept of urgency. Projects can last months or even years. »

A trend towards price stability

“The trend is towards price stability, or even an increase, given the lack of goods and because it is a clientele who has means”remarks Rudi Janssens.

Two markets are emerging, according to him: “Properties between €700,000 and €1.5 million for which there is an increase in supply and a decrease in demand, because we are observing a wait-and-see attitude on the part of buyers and the first price negotiations. And houses above 1.5 million euros, which remain very rare and where no price negotiation is possible. »

Especially since the very high-end segment is influenced in Vaucluse by the presence of foreign buyers.

A market that appeals to Americans

“For properties up to 1.5 million euros in the north of Vaucluse, our clientele is 60% French. Beyond this budget, we only find a third,” figure Rudi Janssens.

The buyers then come mainly from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, England… Even if Brexit has considerably slowed down acquisitions made by people from the United Kingdom.

“On the other hand, over the past year, we have seen the arrival of American customers with a good financial situation. She is particularly attracted by the historical dimension of Vaucluse properties, their character, while seeking the atypical side and the comfort of the facilities. he explains.

“Before, Americans were mainly looking to buy in the Luberon or the Alpilles. Today, they are going back to Ventoux and towards Vaison-la-Romaine,” confirms David Boschi.

Return to village life

Bourgeois village houses dating from the 15th centurye in the 17the centuries with swimming pool are also very sought after.

“But this type of property is very rare. We have a lot of trouble finding them,” observes Rudi Janssens. The atmosphere of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, which some nickname “the Venice of Comtadine”, with its gentle way of life, its second-hand dealers, its heritage, is very appreciated.

It has become the second home of many artists and personalities. David Boschi managed to unearth a rare gem there: a village house of 135 m², with a patio, in an Art Deco tone.

“From the outside, you would never suspect that there is such a treasure here, right in the historic center! », he reveals. It is on sale for €784,000.

Real jewelry

The city of Avignon also offers very beautiful jewelry, sometimes with exceptional, unsuspected properties on the facade.

“For example, renovated Middle Ages houses with large interior courtyards,” quotes Rudi Janssens. His agency is marketing a house a few steps from the Palais des Papes, built on the site of a former monastery and a church dating from the 13th century.e and XIVe centuries.

With a surface area of ​​500 m² with 13 rooms, a patio and a terrace, it has been completely renovated. Its price: 2.25 million euros.




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