Allegations of human trafficking ruined restaurateur

Allegations of human trafficking ruined restaurateur
Allegations of human trafficking ruined restaurateur

An Ontario restaurateur claims he was ruined by false allegations of human trafficking a decade ago, according to the Toronto Sun.

Everol Powe, a 54-year-old from Jamaica, believed he was living a dream when he launched his Caribbean-themed restaurant and hired international workers in Kawartha Lakes, west of Peterborough. His happiness was short-lived.

“I was arrested by the police in 2014, completely unexpectedly,” he said. It was for human trafficking. The officers told me they had received an anonymous call that indicated I was paying women for sex. It was completely false, but I had nothing other than my good reputation and my word to defend myself.”

Lose your integrity

After three searches, he faced 17 charges, all of which were dropped in 2014.

“They assassinated my character, my integrity, they ruined my livelihood,” lamented Everol Powe. My first lawyer tried to convince me to give up my rights, to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge… I told him, “I can’t do that” and he told me it wouldn’t affect my chances of suing the police.”

The fifty-year-old has not worked since 2018. His mishap caused his savings to melt away. In addition, he could not sue the police officers, due to the statute of limitations, even if he consulted five lawyers. The fifty-year-old has also filed a lawsuit for professional misconduct against them.

Everol Powe now has a new lawyer, Me Osboourne Barnwell.

“Everol was betrayed by his former lawyers,” argued Mr. Barnwell.

“The police considered him guilty and did not give him the benefit of the doubt. “It’s really not right,” he added.



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