Hit The Floor bigger than ever in Lévis

The general director and founder of the competition does not hide his pride at seeing Hit The Floor reach such great scale in its hometown.

>>>The founder and director of Hit The FloorNicolas Bégin. (Le Droit, Martin Roy/Archives)>>>

“It’s the biggest edition in history,” he confirmed in an interview on Sunday with The sunas the judges complete the selection of the eight grand finalists.

More than 6,000 participants from 105 schools perform acts over five days of competition.

The highlight of the event takes place on Sunday evening, as eight finalists perform their acts in a big show. The eight numbers were chosen by the judges from among the favorites in each category.

Japanese dance troupe Chibi Unity promises to impress with a world-class performance during this show.

During this final evening, the finalists compete to win one of three scholarships awarded, including $10,000 for the grand winner.

A growing audience


Around 30,000 spectators are expected over five days at the Lévis Convention Center. (EAL/Hit the floor)

This is the first time in Lévis that the dance competition takes place on two stages simultaneously. This new formula was introduced in response to the popularity of the event which exploded. The second scene highlights solos, duets and trios.

During the competition, 30,000 spectators are expected at the Lévis Convention Center. An increase of almost 40% on previous traffic.

“The audience we have always had is the participants’ loved ones. But in recent years, there has been more enthusiasm for dance, observes Nicolas Bégin. There are people who come without even knowing the participants, they really come to consume dance.”

This popularity has been growing for three to four years, estimates the founder of Hit The Floor. Mr. Bégin explains the phenomenon by the numerous television shows that feature dance and the solid dance ecosystem in Quebec.


More than 1,600 routines were presented to the judges in the last few days. (EAL/Hit The Floor)

“Dance is really healthy in Quebec. Dance schools are overflowing [et] are well organized,” he says. “We are really well represented internationally,” adds the enthusiast.

The Hit The Floor event generates significant economic benefits in Lévis, calculates Nicolas Bégin. As 72% of the dancers come from another region – elsewhere in Quebec, Canada and even Mexico – the hotels and restaurants are operating at full capacity, assures the entrepreneur.

For the next few years, the founder even hopes to increase the presence of international artists by attracting troupes from all over the world to his competition.


  • 1600 numbers were presented by the dance troupes.
  • $10,000 : the prize for first place awarded Sunday evening, on behalf of the City of Lévis.
  • $12.4 million in economic benefits in the region.
  • 9 separate judges on two stages.
  • 30,000 spectators over five days, a record for the event.


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