This Orne village perpetuates its tradition with an original game: discover galoche

This Orne village perpetuates its tradition with an original game: discover galoche
This Orne village perpetuates its tradition with an original game: discover galoche


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May 19, 2024 at 10:44 a.m.

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The game is over, it’s time for a break… At Nicole and Jeanne Duval, restaurant-hotel in Bellou-en-Houlme (Orne), the two rooms are complete on this Thursday, May 9, 2024.

It sings! It’s a party at the table sixteen friends Angevins. ‘Papy’ Gilbert Deparis is at the center of youth. He knows the game of galoshes!

A specialty in Bellou!

Born on the farm The doors in Bellou on February 27, 1942, Gilbert has always lived in the town. Since the age of 10, he has played galosh.

It’s a game that existed long before I was born. I really like playing it.

Gilbert Deparis

Gilbert Deparis is the grandpa of seven grandchildren whom he initiated without exception to the galosh.

They made him a personalized boxto store his pucks, the cap and the metal pieces, which he is proud to present.

A fairground game

It’s a fairground game practiced in Normandy since the dawn of time!

A 43rd galosh competition took place in the arteries of Bellouavoiding the main street for everyone’s safety, in a very warm and family atmosphere.

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The participants, mostly regulars, came from Bellou, Tinchebray, Flers and the surrounding area, with the exception of some teams arrivals from the North, Anjou, and Savoie to reunite with family and friends.

Popular, but little known

The galosh gathered 168 amateurs. “It’s a game with little reputation, but which attracts a lot of people, young and old! » notes Jacques Lecocq, member of the Bellou festival committee, who plays with his two sons.

It’s a wonderful moment of celebration for Nicolas and Emmanuel, two brothers from Bellou, one of whom lives in Talloires (Savoie) and the other in Caen. They come on purpose to meet at the galosh competition every yearwith friends.

It’s very user-friendly. All people who do not know this game must come to Bellou to discover galoche!

Nicolas, from Bellou

“It’s a great moment between loved ones,” adds Emmanuel.

Between neighbors, friends, and families

As for Perrine, 23 years old, native of Bellou, she has been there every year since her sweet childhood. A student in Angers for several years, she never misses this party.

In 2022, she has presented to his companion the galoshing competition. Caught in the game, each year, they return in increasing numbers.

We don’t miss the opportunity to see everyone again. This year, I came with lots of friends from Angers to spend a friendly time under the Normandy sun, it’s great!

Perrine, originally from Bellou

His friends found the game difficult, but family, accessible and very precise. “It’s satisfying when you hit the cork,” emphasizes Dorian.

Accessibility and precision

“We enjoyed ourselves in a beautiful town with welcoming people,” adds Héloïse, in the presence of Hugo and Jeanne, who came from Nancy, who also enjoyed the game and the festivities.

The festival committee has planned eight prizes in the final and eight prizes for consolation teams, offered by the association or restaurateurs.

Each team also received a bottle and a Menil pancake to taste.

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