The Aveyronnais of eastern Canada have pulled out all the stops

The Aveyronnais of eastern Canada have pulled out all the stops
The Aveyronnais of eastern Canada have pulled out all the stops

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Under the leadership of Amaury Foissac, a native of Valady, they sat down to eat.

“It is thanks to Christophe Palous and the Aveyron WorldWide group (which celebrates its tenth anniversary this summer, in a buron, in Aubrac, Editor’s note) that I was able to get my hands on the database of Aveyron residents currently living in eastern Canada, more precisely in the provinces of Quebec (cities of Montreal, Quebec, etc.) and Ontario. With this beautiful cultural heritage and all the benchmarks that we have in common (solidarity, but also the pride of being from Aveyron!), I found it a shame that we did not have the opportunity to bring our community to life which nevertheless seemed very present here.

Based on this observation and on this network (which has more than 2,300 members across five continents, driven by Christophe Palous and Stéphane Rouquette in August 2014 to create links between expats), Amaury Foissac gave life to an idea that had germinated and he thus resolved to “send a general email to the thirty people that I had identified on the database consulted”.

Originally from Valady, aged 31, he who does everything possible to “return home” once or twice a year (“My parents still live in Valady, my uncle Jean-Marie owns the Moulin de Gourjan fish farm in Salles-la-Sources and my cousin François owns Hous’talet concept store in Rodez”) has been established in Canada since the beginning of 2016. After studying engineering in France, he completed a second master’s degree in finance in Quebec, on the other side of the Atlantic, and, after working in several cities (Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto), he took his neighborhoods in Montreal, where he works in the financial markets division of a Canadian bank.

A group on WhatsApp to try to keep this community alive

“I have been living here since September 2021 and, although the presence of French people is significant (65,000 live in this city!), I had had too few opportunities to meet other Aveyron residents,” underlines the thirty years old. He continues: “And I don’t know if the people of Aveyron also wanted to find their “herd”, but I was surprised by the number of positive responses, more than 50% in total.” Around twenty people took their seats at Trois Brasseurs, a restaurant in downtown Montreal.

“All ages were represented, but also from many towns in the department (Rodez, Rignac, Saint-Affrique, Decazeville, Valady, Agen-d’Aveyron, Le Monastère, etc.), notes the initiator of this evening. There were a lot of engineers there, including a nice delegation from ENI in Tarbes), girls specialized in digital marketing and communication, as well as in the legal field, a video editor, an asset management advisor … Without forgetting Laurent Chevrot, general director of the sustainable mobility agency.”

Although they probably all had connections or friends in common, very few knew each other. “Despite this, just a few minutes after our arrival at the table, the sound volume had already doubled, supported by a beautiful singing accent which seemed very familiar,” laughs Amaury Foissac. Everyone then raised their pint, toasting the health of this beautiful moment of sharing and to our roots.”

Valady’s child concludes: “A group was created on the Whatsapp application to try to bring this community to life. I think we have a solid basis for organizing new events in Montreal. Even if the frequency has not been defined.” A regret, a downside? He is categorical: “The gastronomy of these reunions was clearly not up to the level of a good aligot-sausage served in the country”.



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