Floods in the Bas-Rhin: time for the first assessment of the damage in Alsace Bossue

Exceptional floods in the north of Bas-Rhin for this Pentecost weekend. The orange alert for flood risks was lifted this Sunday, when the decline had already started in the majority of rivers. In hunchbacked Alsace, the affected villages are seeing the damage.

Diemeringen, most affected village

The material damage is particularly impressive in Hunchbacked Alsace, in a localized area of ​​around twenty kilometers between Herbitzheim and Diemeringen, along the D919. In Diemeringen, the water swept away everything in its path. Businesses on the high street will not be able to reopen for some time. In fact, the water rose to 1.20 meters. At the height of the floods, 460 people were also deprived of electricity.

The exterior of the Diemeringen bakery on the main street. © Radio France
Cloé Geffroy
In this house, the water rose up to 60 centimeters.
In this house, the water rose up to 60 centimeters. © Radio France
Cloé Geffroy

The mayor of the commune Nicole Oury will soon make a request for recognition of the state of natural disaster for his community. In the next village in Mackwiller, the water also rose very high. Result: repairs are to be expected on forest roads. In addition, four houses were impacted by unmanageable rising water in the basements and cellars.

Time for big cleaning

The two priorities for the impacted villages: repair and clean. In Herbitzheim, the water took longer to recede. THE cleaning operations only start this Monday. The water left no chance for the bakery, which will not be able to reopen for three weeks. Restoring gas and electricity also takes time. 400 homes were still without gas this Sunday morning, or two-thirds of the village.

The interior of a house in Diemeringen.
The interior of a house in Diemeringen. © Radio France
Cloé Geffroy

For farmers too, the priority is to save fields and plots, which are waterlogged. The damage is major in Hunchbacked Alsace, but also throughout the Rhine plain.

The prefect of Bas-Rhin Josiane Chevalier will chair Wednesday May 22 a flood monitoring committee in the department. The latter will receive the mayors of the villages impacted by the floods.




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