Layrac. Storm and despair among some farmers

Layrac. Storm and despair among some farmers
Layrac. Storm and despair among some farmers

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Surprise for those residents of Layrac who returned home Thursday evening, after work. The storm had caused damage and changed the landscape.

A storm as sudden as it was violent affected a restricted area of ​​the small village of Layrac. The traveler coming from Agen, or Astaffort, on the D 17, has been confronted with this very localized phenomenon. The hail fell heavily, between the bridge over the Garonne and the southern exit of the town, in a very narrow corridor which roughly followed the highway. On this, near the village, an accident fortunately without serious consequences immobilized a vehicle. In this area, the chopped leaves of the trees littered the ground, soon covered by a layer of hailstones which gave the landscape a wintry appearance.


Impressive and distressing spectacle for the children who had just left the Royal school. We were walking on a layer of ice which, after the cars passed, formed a kind of snowdrift at the side of the road. Charles, retired and amateur gardener, had just planted his tomato plants in the morning: “There’s nothing left,” he laments, “I’m good to replant them.”

Josiane Barennes, who runs the small grocery store on the side of the road at the entrance to Layrac, had never seen this: “It was the intensity of the phenomenon that was impressive: a rain of hailstones the size of a marble. Her husband recounts the episode. “It started slowly with sleet in heavy rain. Then a clap of thunder seems to have unleashed the elements. For eighteen minutes, watch in hand, he said, it was extremely violent. The damage is significant on the wheat fields. The expert made a visit and pointed out to me that 80% of the crop was destroyed. Although the ears appear intact, upon closer inspection you will notice that they are chewed, and many are on the ground, cut at the top of the stem.

A similar episode in the 70s

Further on, Patrick Cours at the Gaec de l’Edelweiss, pointed out to us, 24 hours after the storm, the hailstones piled up under the channels. On the lemon tree, at the entrance to his establishment, we notice impacts on the leaves, but nothing very serious: “we were on the edge of the affected area.” He also told us that he had never experienced this. His parents had told him a similar episode, about the garden center they set up in the 70s. There was damage that year because the greenhouses were covered with glass roofs. Currently, they have been replaced by plastics which have not suffered deterioration. The storm continued its devastating journey towards Sauveterre-Saint-Denis. In the fields, the water still stagnates, recalling this episode which left its mark.

The ASL garage sale scheduled for tomorrow is canceled due to the state of the land where it was to be held.




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