More than 800 scouts gathered at Eaux-Vives

More than 800 Geneva scouts gathered at Eaux-Vives

Published today at 2:00 p.m.

This Saturday, the few walkers in the park observe with curiosity the noisy and joyful crowd gathered on the lawn below the Villa La Grange. A thousand or so scouts shout with joy around an inflatable octopus, galvanized by their group leaders. This unique spectacle is the conclusion of the Cantonal Activity, an event bringing together all the groups of the Geneva Scouting umbrella organization.

In a megaphone, Pauline Meyer, cantonal head of the Geneva Scouting association, shouts: “Are you ready to release Krakenou?» Hundreds of young people, aged 5 to 18, answered in the affirmative. The net holding the beast is cut, marking the culmination of a long day of adventure. The groups gather together to launch their rallying cry in turn.

A rare event

Exhausted but delighted, the host observes the scene with amusement. “The last days of preparation were intense,” she breathes. But it was worth it. We brought together the fifteen groups, from Jussy to Vernier. That’s the goal of the Cantonal Activity: to show that we are all scouts, no matter where we come from.” She who joined this large family at 7 years old, she is now 30 years old. What does she remember from all these years? “It taught me a way of life and values ​​that I now want to pass on. Group life, resourcefulness, solidarity…”

It must be said that the event is rare. The last edition took place in 2016. That of 2020 was canceled by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Geneva scouts had been waiting for eight years to meet again.

Pauline Meyer is not the only one to have organized this day. Dozens of experienced scouts pitched in. “We have been working since September 2023,” indicates Clément de Vaulchier, cantonal manager. The theme of this day is water. This morning, the beavers (scouts between 5 and 7 years old) crisscrossed the harbor in seagulls. Cubs (aged 7 to 11) were able to take an old CGN boat. The scouts (between 12 and 17 years old) rode a pedal boat and met firefighters who gave them demonstrations.”

Once a scout, always a scout

In the afternoon, all age categories took part in a treasure hunt. By collecting clues throughout La Grange Park, they found a way to free the inflatable kraken that sits on the lawn from the net that surrounds it.

The nurses and photographers present to supervise the cantonal activity are mostly former scouts. “Once a scout, always a scout,” says the adage. “We organized everything ourselves,” smiles Clément de Vaulchier. It’s great to think that such an event was made possible by people mostly under the age of 25!”

After packing up their belongings, the oldest participants set off by bike towards the Perugia scout center in Satigny. They will party until late at night, but without alcohol. Its consumption is currently prohibited during events. “This will be an opportunity to motivate the new generation to take up the torch,” explains Clément de Vaulchier. We have no shortage of members, but it is difficult to find volunteers to organize these kinds of days.”

The troop moves joyfully. Sunday, some activities are still planned. Then it will be time to tidy up. A much less fun activity, but necessary.


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