the decline in progress, vigilance still required

the decline in progress, vigilance still required
the decline in progress, vigilance still required

Eastern France has been hit by flooding in recent days. The departments of Moselle and Bas-Rhin remain on orange flood alert this Sunday, May 19, by Météo France.

The peak seems to have passed. After several days of heavy rain, causing significant flooding, particularly in Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle, the flood is in progress this Sunday, May 19 and the time has now come for clearing and assessing the damage.

“The recession is well advanced, we are in the process of removing all the protective equipment,” explains the president of the community of communes of the Territoire de Lunéville in Baccarat, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Bruno Minutiello.

The departments of Moselle and Bas-Rhin remain placed on orange flood alert by Météo France this Sunday.

A clear drop in water level

In Bouzonville, in Moselle, the water level dropped significantly, reaching around 20 cm high in certain gardens this Sunday morning, according to BFMTV journalists on site.

Other streets, which had between 1m50 and 1m80 of water, are now completely clear. On the roadway, numerous debris, and even a boat, still remain.

The time has come for residents to tackle the big cleanup. In some streets, the windows of homes were wide open to allow ventilation to rooms that had been flooded.

An uneven decline

In Lunéville, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, mayor LR Catherine Paillard assures that “the night was calm”. “No homes were flooded,” she emphasizes.

In Moselle, in Filstroff, mayor René Kupperschmit assures that from now on “the main street is free”. “All homes are accessible, whereas yesterday people had 1.50 meters of water in their homes,” he welcomes.

“The decline happened with incredible speed. Today people are cleaning up, I think that the prefect will issue a natural disaster order for the entire sector,” he added.

Further upstream, on the other hand, in Ancerville, the decline was not yet observed, the Nied reaching 2.64 meters this Sunday morning, compared to 0.65 meters on Thursday.

Pumping operations still in progress

“The meteorological flood alert level has been lowered to orange for the Nieds, Sarre Aval – Blies and Middle Sarre – Eichel rivers. The decline is well underway for all of these rivers. water”, underlines the prefecture of Moselle in a situation update published in the middle of the day this Sunday.

“84 interventions were still in progress this (Sunday) morning at 8 a.m., mainly for pumping and reconnaissance”, specifies the prefect, referring to “around 180 homes deprived of electricity” and around “twenty axes cut” still this Sunday.

Still placed on orange alert, Moselle should experience a “calm on Monday from midnight”, estimates the prefecture.

Caution always required

In Bas-Rhin, a “flood monitoring committee” has been set up and will be held on Wednesday, May 22, in the presence of the mayors of the affected municipalities, the Regional Council and state services, announced this Sunday the prefect Josiane Chevalier. It should make it possible to “carry out an inventory” of the damage caused by the floods and “to organize a rapid response to guarantee a return to normal activities”.

The prefect also assured that she would support requests for recognition of the state of “natural disaster” by the affected municipalities.

The Moselle prefecture is still calling for caution in the face of the “risk of landslides and falling trees” on the main roads. “Do not drive on flooded roads. Walking in flooded areas can be dangerous,” she recommends. The Bas-Rhin prefecture also advises people to limit their travel and not approach rivers.

Juliette Desmonceaux with AFP

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