SENEGAL-EDUCATION-FORMATION / The Prime Minister adopts a battery of measures for the proper organization of exams and competitions – Senegalese Press Agency

Diamniadio, May 19 (APS) – The government of Senegal adopted, on Saturday, a series of measures to help better organize exams and competitions for the 2023-2024 school year.

Speaking at the end of an interministerial council devoted to exams and competitions, Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko asked the Minister of National Education, in conjunction with his colleagues from the Interior and local authorities, to set up a “ device for collecting the identity of students registered for the CFEE exam and not having civil status documents, in order to constitute a database to be used with a view to correcting this situation”.

In particular, he urged the ministries concerned to “deepen the analysis of the rejection of student files” for the baccalaureate and, if necessary, carry out the “necessary regularizations before the start of the tests”.

Mr. Sonko also insisted on the need to provide “uncompromising treatment of abuses in civil status”. To this end, he asked the Ministry of Justice, in concert with town halls, to “identify and sanction the authors of counterfeiting in town halls and their external accomplices”.

The Prime Minister also suggested scheduling an interministerial meeting before the end of July on the issue of civil status in schools.

The Minister of Higher Education is also committed to examining the advisability of “revising the legal status of the Baccalaureate Office”, moving in the direction of giving it administrative and financial autonomy.

The Minister of National Education was also asked to evaluate “the effective application” of the rules governing the organization and correction of tests in the Arabic language and for the Arab-Islamic sector.

The head of government also asked the Minister of Vocational Training to examine “the advisability of removing elimination marks from certain tests during technical and vocational education exams and competitions”.

Referring to the financial aspects of examinations and competitions relating in particular to the payment of travel and correction allowances, Ousmane Sonko suggested the establishment of a “one-stop shop to clear all instances of admission orders for professional examinations before 30 June 2024”.

He also asked the ministries concerned to take “the necessary arrangements to pay the mission costs linked to examinations and competitions, no later than November 30, 2024, in accordance with the commitments made with the social partners”.

The Prime Minister also insisted on “the secure digitalization” of the entire process of organizing exams, including asking that there be an operating procedure for “the digital payment of exam fees”.




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