the main candidates from Marne, Ardennes and Aisne

the main candidates from Marne, Ardennes and Aisne
the main candidates from Marne, Ardennes and Aisne

The election of French representatives to the European Parliament will take place on Sunday June 9, 2024 in France. They will be 81 out of a total of 720 MEPs for the 2024-2029 legislature.

Voters will vote for a national list of 81 candidates, among all those presented by political parties and groups (the number of candidates being equal to the number of seats to be filled).

The candidates presented will be elected according to the rules of proportional representation (a principle common to all Member States), by list ballot with the highest average. Lists having obtained at least 5% of the votes will benefit from a number of seats proportional to their number of votes, and the seats will be allocated according to the order of presentation on each list.

Published in Official newspaper from May 18, 2024, there are thirty-seven lists (there were thirty-four during the 2019 European elections).

Here are our main candidates from Marne, Ardennes and Aisne.

La France insoumise (LFI), “La France insoumise – Popular Union” (head of list Manon Aubry): Anthony Smith (4e), labor inspector, Marne; Nahima Lounis (33e), accompanying students with disabilities, Ardennes.

National Rally (RN), “France is coming back!” » (head of list Jordan Bardella): Anne-Sophie Frigout (8th), regional councilor for the Grand Est, Marne; Flavien Termet (69e), departmental delegate of the National Rally of the Ardennes; Franck Briffaut (79e), mayor of Villers-Cotterêts, Aisne.

Europe Ecology The Greens (EELV), “Europe Ecology” (head of Marie Toussaint list): Christophe Dumont (70e), regional councilor for the Grand Est, Ardennes.

LREM – Modem, “Need for Europe” (head of list Valérie Hayer): Dimitri Oudin (40e), municipal councilor of Reims, Marne; Eva Attina (67e), student, Ardennes.

The Republicans (LR), “The right to make the voice of France heard in Europe” (head of list François-Xavier Bellamy): Valentin Lagarde (41e), departmental secretary of Marne, municipal councilor in Dizy, Marne; Ludovic Beaurain (49e), breeder, mayor of Villers-devant-Mouzon, Ardennes; Vincent Léglantier (55e), municipal councilor in Sézanne, Marne.

Workers’ struggle (LO), “Workers’ Struggle, the Workers’ Camp” (head of list Nathalie Arthaud): Mink Takawé (17e), school teacher, Ardennes; Anne Zanditénas (21e), teacher in vocational high school, Aisne; Thomas Rose (44e), teacher, Marne.

“Ecology at the center” (head of list Marc Governatori): Juliette de Causans (2e), Ardennese, professor, Reims.

Note that the lists “Wake up Europe”, “United left for the world of work supported by Fabien Roussel” , “Proud France supported Eric Zemmour” whose list heads are respectively Raphaël Glucksmann, Léon Deffontaines and Marion Marechal, do not include Marnais, Ardennais and Axonais.



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