Tornado, waterspout and snorkels: Saturday’s storms caused spectacular phenomena

Tornado, waterspout and snorkels: Saturday’s storms caused spectacular phenomena
Tornado, waterspout and snorkels: Saturday’s storms caused spectacular phenomena

It was not excluded that “weak tornadoes” would form on Saturday, announced Le Parisien, drawing on the expertise of Keraunos, the French observatory for tornadoes and violent storms. This was indeed the case in Eure-et-Loir. A tornado took shape near Orgères-en-Beauce, in the south of the department, progressing slowly through the fields.

This second video allows you to see it from another angle and in full.

This is a low intensity tornado. It did not occur within a supercell storm, but within a localized storm. On a lexical level it is then possible to speak of landspout, according to English terminology, or of landspout in French, as explained on the Météo-villes site. The tornado resulting from a supercell storm comes from a structure “which mobilizes immense masses of air in generalized rotation while the landspout mobilizes a much smaller mass of air, in a local rotation”. Its dimensions are also quite modest.

An 800 m course

The phenomenon nonetheless remains dangerous and is likely to cause damage to people and property. This low-intensity tornado also left a significant mark on the ground. This type of straight line mark, or almost, on the surface is characteristic of the passage of a tornado. The Weather Center Association estimates the distance traveled in the town of Loigny-la-Bataille at 800 m.

Doubt remains as to whether another tornado has formed, this time in Charente-Maritime. If this long column descending from a storm cloud at Marans had not touched land, it would then simply be a snorkel. Here too, it would in all cases be a low intensity phenomenon.

At sea this time, in Brittany, a waterspout formed in Finistère. She completed her journey in the Audierne sector.

Waterspouts operate in the same way as tornadoes and are of moderate intensity. This other video allows you to see the phenomenon from the other side, towards Plouhinec. The contact zone with the ocean is clearly visible.

The afternoon was also marked by the formation of numerous tubas, the beginnings of tornadoes which do not touch the ground. In Essonne, two of them have been observed since the La Ferté-Alais airshow.

A little further south for example, in the Loiret, a snorkel was also formed in a stormy area.

The multiplication of these whirlwind phenomena (tornado, waterspout, snorkel) testifies to the strong instability of the air which has reigned in France for several days. Thunderstorms continue to occur this Sunday.



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