Europeans 2024: here are all the candidates from Toulouse and Haute-Garonne

Europeans 2024: here are all the candidates from Toulouse and Haute-Garonne
Europeans 2024: here are all the candidates from Toulouse and Haute-Garonne


William Laurens

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May 19, 2024 at 9:51 a.m.

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While the submission of lists for the European elections has just been closed, this Friday May 17, 2024, overview of the candidates of Toulouse and of Haute-Garonne.

Let us remember that the 37 lists officially in the running for this election just one turn count each 81 names. Because at the end of this June 2024 election, 81 deputies will now make up the French delegation, among the 720 who sit in the European Parliament (there were respectively 79 and 705 until now). List by list, here are the candidates from the Pink City or the department.

A candidate with François-Xavier Bellamy (Les Républicains)

  • 32ᵉ – Christine Gennaro-Saint56 years old, municipal councilor at L’Union, president of the Republicans 31

Two candidates with Jordan Bardella (National Rally)

  • 5ᵉ – Jean-Paul Garraud68 years old, MEP since 2019, president of the French delegation of the ID group to the European Parliament, regional advisor for Occitanie
  • 27ᵉ – Julien Leonardelli36 years old, regional councilor of Occitanie, municipal councilor of Fronton

Two candidates with Valérie Hayer (Renaissance and allies)

  • 23rd – Alexandra Leuliette44 years old, chief of staff to the rector of the Academy of Toulouse
  • 50ᵉ – Gaëtan Blaize33 years old, business development director in Toulouse

Two candidates with Raphaël Glucksmann (PS – Public Square)

  • 48ᵉ – Christine Courade64 years old, departmental councilor (PS) of Haute-Garonne, elected in the Toulouse 2 canton
  • 51ᵉ – Hugo Sajhau24 years old, master’s student in economics and ecology at Jean-Jaurès University

A candidate with Manon Aubry (La France insoumise)

  • 40ᵉ – Yohann Taillandier41 years old, Uberized deliveryman in Toulouse

Three candidates with Marie Toussaint (Les Écologists)

  • 14ᵉ – Régis Godec50 years old, vice-president of the federal council of Ecologists (ex-EELV) Haute-Garonne, formerly elected to the town hall of Toulouse
  • 40ᵉ – Clement Artigue24 years old, engineer in Haute-Garonne
  • 51ᵉ – Camille Mayzoué28 years old, lawyer in Blagnac

A candidate with Marion Maréchal (Reconquest)

  • 55ᵉ – Dominique Piussan62 years old, harp teacher at the Toulouse conservatory

A candidate with Léon Deffontaines (Communist Party)

  • 11ᵉ – Pierre Lacaze58 years old, regional councilor of Occitanie and municipal councilor of Toulouse

A candidate with Jean Lassalle (The Rural Alliance)

  • 5ᵉ – Pierre Claret58 years old, asset manager in Haute-Garonne

Three candidates with Hélène Thouy (Animalist Party)

  • 22ᵉ – George Homs62 years old, consultant, co-director of a farm animal sanctuary in Saint-Laurent
  • 49ᵉ – Servane Pater21 years old, philosophy and law student, Saint-Lys
  • 64ᵉ – Alexis Villanueva32 years old, computer engineer, Castanet-Tolosan

A candidate with Yann Wehrling (Positive ecology & Territories)

  • 17th – Clement Riquet42 years old, Toulouse municipal councilor responsible for green spaces, neighborhood mayor

A candidate with Guillaume Lacroix (Radical Left Party)

  • 14ᵉ – Alizée Mosdier31 years old, municipal councilor in Mirepoix-sur-Tarn

Two candidates with Nathalie Arthaud (Workers’ Struggle)

  • 33ᵉ – Malena Adrada51 years old, school teacher in Toulouse
  • 40ᵉ – Olivier Le Penven53 years old, worker on an aeronautical assembly line in Toulouse

Seven candidates with Georges Kuzmanovic (We the People)

  • 4ᵉ – Adeline Guibert50 years old, aeronautical engineer, municipal councilor of Montastruc-la-Conseillère
  • 12ᵉ. Nesrine Briki45 years old, literature professor, Pibrac
  • 21st – David Saforcada52 years old, security trainer, president of Bonapartist France, Villeneuve-de-Rivière
  • 32ᵉ. Manuela Schmid22 years old, clerk, Toulouse
  • 39ᵉ. Tristan Martin, 22 years old, restaurant employee, Mondonville
  • 50ᵉ. Isabelle Lombard, 56 years old, seamstress, Aspet
  • 56ᵉ. Patricia Jean, 70 years old, retired, ex-insurance employee, Fontenilles

The other lists on which, to our knowledge, there are no candidates from Haute-Garonne are those of:

  • Jean-Marc Governatori / Ecology at the center
  • Florian Philippot / The Patriots
  • François Asselineau / Republican Popular Union
  • Marine Cholley / Equinox
  • Laure Patas d’Illiers / Europe Démocratie Esperanto
  • Caroline Zorn / Pirate Party
  • Léopold-Edouard Deher-Lesaint, nicknamed “Fidel” / Citizen change
  • Philippe Ponge / Let’s decide for ourselves!
  • Nagib Azergui / Free Palestine
  • Olivier Terrien / Communist Revolutionary Party
  • Alexandre Audric / Party of European Citizens (PACE)
  • Michel Simonin / Peace and Degrowth
  • Jean-Marc Fortané / For another Europe
  • Pierre Larrouturou / New Deal
  • Selma Labib / NPA-Revolutionaries
  • Camille Adoue / Workers’ Party
  • Edouard Husson / Stay free
  • Pierre-Marie Bonneau / Fortress Europe
  • Charles Hoareau / National Association of Communists
  • Francis Lalanne / Free France
  • Lorys Elmayan / The Citizen Hive
  • Gaël Coste-Meunier / Defend children
  • Hadama Traoré / Representative democracy

Which candidates have (really) a chance of being elected?

If many candidates are from Haute-Garonne – with the prize going to the “We the people” list which presents seven –, very few have real chances to be elected, knowing that their list must reach the bar of 5% to obtain MEPs.

According to projections from various polling institutes, most local candidates seem far from the mark, including The ecologists, 3rd strength of the vote in 2019: Régis Godec, one of the best-placed candidates in the department (excluding RN), is in 14th position, but his head of the list, credited with around 7% of the votes, would not obtain — according to current trends — only 6 deputies, compared to 13 until now.

Barring an electoral upheaval, at RenaissanceAlexandra Leuliette, 23rd on the list, also seems too far away for training currently given to some 15 elected officials (compared to 23 today).

The list Communist by Léon Deffontaines and that of the rurality led by Jean Lassalle would not wait for 5%, annihilating the chances of their candidates.

Two RN MEPs from Haute-Garonne?

Finally, just one training is, in the current state of voting intentions, able to elect candidates from Haute-Garonne: the National gathering. Credited more or less with 30% of the votes, the formation of Jordan Bardella could pass, according to the hypotheses, approximately 28 candidatescompared to 23 to date.

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While the outgoing MEP Jean-Paul Garraud5th on his list, seems assured of being re-elected, the leader of the RN in the last Regional elections in Occitanie, a native of Toulouse and originally from Martres-Tolosane, could be joined by another figure from Marine Le Pen’s party from Haute-Garonne: Julien Leonardelli is in fact… in 27th position. Will the departmental boss of the RN be sent to Brussels?

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