Dramatic outcome after a violent collision near Andelot

Dramatic outcome after a violent collision near Andelot
Dramatic outcome after a violent collision near Andelot

The roads of Haute-Marne were once again in mourning, Saturday May 18, in the middle of the afternoon. Two people lost their lives in a traffic accident near Andelot-Blancheville.

Firefighters were alerted shortly after 4:15 p.m. on Saturday May 18. An accident had just occurred on the RD 674, shortly before entering the village of Prez-sous-Lafauche.

Twelve sappers, placed under the command of Lieutenant Xavier Mourer, were immediately dispatched from Chaumont, Illoud, Manois and Liffol-le-Grand (Vosges). They were equipped with two road rescue vehicles, and two rescue and victim assistance vehicles.

The SMUR of Neufchâteau also immediately went to the site.

A side-head collision had just pitted two cars against each other, in the pouring rain.

The two drivers, alone in the vehicles involved, did not survive the impact, which appears to have occurred with very strong kinetics.

The firefighters had to extricate the two victims, Haut-Marnais aged 61 and 83.

However, only the gendarmerie investigation will be able to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

The gendarmes from the Andelot brigade community, then their counterparts from the autonomous territorial brigade of Nogent and the motorized brigade of Chaumont were on the scene to secure the intervention of the firefighters and the SMUR. Over a large portion around the scene of the accident, traffic on the RD 674 was cut off. A diversion via Semilly has been put in place by the Department.

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