Miss Seine-et-Marne 2024: Charlène Izard succeeds Theaphany Hy!

Who was elected Miss Seine-et-Marne 2024? After a beautiful year of reign, Theaphany Hy bows out… On Saturday May 18, 2024, our Miss Seine-et-Marne 2023 welcomes, with great emotion, a new sister into the family. Fashion show in sportswear, portraits, questions from the jury, appearance in a swimsuit and presentation in a cocktail dress… After more than two hours of show, it’s Charlene Izard who was elected Miss Seine-et-Marne 2024 to the applause of the audience, Robert Jacobsen Space by Courtry. Meet our new local beauty queen.

12 candidates for a single crown. In this adventure, the twelve young women from the four corners of Seine-et-Marne stood out on the various paintings with a flamboyant theme: the Olympic Games. At the end of the evening, Charlene Izardnative Pomponreceived her crown from the hands of another beauty queen: Elena FaliezMiss Ile-de-France 2023. Between joy and excitement… The young woman of 24 years was overwhelmed by emotion. “ I feel super happy, I’m really very surprised, I didn’t even understand that it was my number that had been called. It’s really a very, very nice surprise, it went by so quickly! The girls from the old promotion (Theaphany, Méryl, Eva and Alyssa) warned us… Make the most of it, you can’t see how much time has passed! It’s true, it happened very, very quickly. It’s only positive, it’s a great experience that continues ! ” This year, the crown of Miss Seine-et-Marne stay in Marne and Gondoire ! After Theaphany (Chanteloup-en-Brie), it is Charlene Izard (Pomponne) who will wear the colors of our beautiful department.

Charlene IzardMiss Seine-et-Marne 2024, is on the microphone of Crazy Radio

A colorful evening. In the leading trio, Doriane Amonkan (22 years old – from Bussy-Saint-Georges) receives the scarf from the first runner-up and the sparkling Lenka Bazerque (21 years old – Giremoutiers) now wears the scarf of the second runner-up. Their role ? Support the new Miss Seine-et-Marne. A beautiful adventure begins for our new local beauty queen! “ A very united group! A very, very nice promo, I made very nice connections with more girls than others but it was a very, very nice promolots of support. » The friendship between the twelve candidates promises other great adventures… A beautiful story which was reinforced on the stage of a packed house. Aged 24, Charlène Izard came first in the general knowledge competition. Whether in the room or in the jury, the young woman was simply unanimous. “ I work in communication and media, more precisely in events, I organize events for the media. Besides that, I really like everything that involves manual activities, I like spending a lot of time with my family and friends. There isn’t a single weekend where I don’t see one. Simple moments to share ! » Always passionate about the competition, our new local beauty queen was nevertheless slow to register. “ I have always followed the competition, I found out about Miss Seine-et-Marne… Dare and take the plunge, I didn’t necessarily feel it. This year, I said to myself: come on, let’s go! I sent my application on the last day, I was thinking about it. » A decision that led her straight to the stage of Robert Jacobsen Space.

An election that is gaining momentum. For three years, the Seine-et-Marne Committee is fighting to take us to the Miss France stage. To prepare young women for the election of Miss Ile-de-Francea new step has been added to the election: the jury’s questions. A highlight for our new Miss Seine-et-Marne! “ This is the question of the jury, the novelty of this year. In recent years, the candidates had a presentation speech. There, it was a question from the jury, we didn’t really know what to expect, it was quite stressful to speak in front of a full room… That went pretty well ! » After Miss Seine-et-Marne… Heading to Miss Ile-de-France? Whether candidates or runners-up, each young woman can hope to still be selected for Miss Ile-de-France. Charlène Izard is now automatically qualified… She will represent our beautiful department! Accompanied by her new sisters and her Committee, she has already targeted areas for improvement. “ My eloquence! It’s exactly the same process for Miss Ile-de-France: presentation video and a question from the jury. I think that this will mainly be the area of ​​improvement. There are obviously plenty of other things to refine. I lived day by day, now it’s a new stage. » His asset to succeed in winning the title? His passion for our beautiful department. “ A character trait that defines me is empathy which will allow me to form authentic connections, to act with understanding and listening (of the Seine-et-Marnes). » His biggest expectation? Explore the territory to meet the Seine-et-Marnais.

The chosen one of an entire village. Native Pompon, our local beauty queen has been massively supported by her beautiful village. In the room, Arnaud Brunet (Mayor of Pomponne) did not hesitate (for a single second) to encourage his candidate. Behind the scenes, he had already voted on numerous occasions for Pomponnaise (by text message). Support from the Pomponnais? A strength !Incredible, really! From the start of the adventure, I had the support of my city. I think it gave me confidence. There were several meetings that were organized with them, support on social networks, a lot of exchanges, it was done in unison. Obviously, it’s very encouraging and motivating… I thank them deeply ! » Pomponnais, Pomponnaises… Charlène Izard brings home the crown! It’s time to party!

Miss Seine-et-Marne 2024 is and will remain… Candidate No. 9: Charlène Izard! Next meeting ? The election of Miss Ile-de-France, next October!

  • And congratulations to our beautiful Theaphany Hy who bows out with elegance! (Thank you for representing our department so well.) Our Miss Seine-et-Marne was accompanied by her funny ladies: Méryl Reis, Eva Moosbauer and Alyssa Lebon. The fantastic four will continue to watch over the election of Miss Seine-et-Marne. Thank you girls !


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