Launch of Bizou by Alix Fernz at the Pow Pow

It was on Thursday May 16 that Alix Fernz came to present her first opus to us, kiss. Where were you, if you weren’t at the Pow Pow to watch the performance on Thursday evening? It was so hot in the packed room, but it was worth it! It was probably the party not to be missed, where all the hip people in town gathered in the same room. Black balloons were flying everywhere to celebrate the album’s release.

The Pow Pow, this unusual place above the Esco where you can find lots of intriguing artifacts like a pharaoh on the ceiling of the bar. The background of the stage was decorated with words written in black on white in graffiti style, the meaning of which was punk-flavored poetry. And, of course, there were huge red lips at the top left of the stage to remind us of the world of kiss. All in lipstick lighting!

It was the perfect place to welcome the theatrical and eccentric artist that is Alix Fernz. He arrived wearing a leather jacket and a studded collar, his face painted white and his features made up like an evil clown. Quite weird for my taste!

He puts his microphone in his mouth, sings in the middle of the crowd and he does crowd surfing. Other spectators take the opportunity to do the same. Many of Alix Fernz’s songs have an experimental synthwave bent: the Pow Pow crowd dances like there’s no tomorrow. I would describe the evening as memorable!

Alix Fernz’s music explores post-punk, through hypnagogic pop, synthwave and alternative rock. He was accompanied by his musicians: Stoylov on flying V guitar and synthesizers, Vincent Paul on bass and Juan David Espitia on drums. Guest musicians also appeared at different times during the performance. We were treated to a pianist as well as a saxophonist straight out of the crowd.

The artist embraces his strangeness, plays with it and pushes it in a way that puts me at ease, that makes me say that it’s cool to be abnormal and that gives me the taste of being myself without censorship. We are plunged into a universe combining a nightmare full of disillusionment and the velvet of a kiss. His songs are scathing, vibrant, rhythmic and psychedelic at times. Its nature is post-punk, and leaves a place of choice for the bass, but still goes in completely unexpected directions which are not framed by a genre. Some songs include English, but the most impressive thing is to succeed in singing in French in this type of music without leaving a distorted or even stilted impression. This is not the case here, Alix Fernz has managed to offer something equivalent to music imported from abroad. Alix Fernz is a UFO in the musical landscape! As a fan of post-punk, I am delighted to see more projects like this in Quebec.

Alix Fernz played her entire album for us, which only lasts 30 minutes, but took the opportunity to present some new songs. He didn’t have enough material for an encore, but I would have taken more. Kisses, xoxo!


It was Pulsum who warmed up the room with his industrial music. Alone on stage with his equipment, the artist uses modular synthesizers to create a sonic narrative of dissociative noise covering the spheres of ambient, electro, noise, industrial and everything in between. this spectrum. Its dark rhythms full of emotion appeal to post-punk fans present this evening.

Despite its mysterious harmonies, his music is danceable and thrills the audience. It’s the kind of electro music that would make me dance for real. The artist leaves a lot of room for the instrumental and adds vocals when necessary.

There are several tables of gear just for Pulsum’s equipment. On these are effects pedals, synths and many electrical cables. Pulsum turns knobs to do its beats, even if electronic music doesn’t just happen. He turns the knobs and turns them again, creating a little dance. It’s special to see this kind of music performed.

If you have too many regrets about having missed the launch of Alix Fernz, you can always catch up in Quebec on May 24 at the Pantoum. Click here to get a ticket.

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