when waste becomes a source of surprises

when waste becomes a source of surprises
when waste becomes a source of surprises

What if the fight against waste made people happy with gifts? This is the challenge that Alexia Lods took on last February, by organizing sales of lost packages. Mainly active in the east of France, after having had a sale in Vesoul, another in Montbéliard, it organized one in Pontarlier (May 19). “Every week we offer sales. We have already passed through Reims, Épernay, Charleville-Mézières, etc. », Announces Alexia Lods. For the one hosted by the Campanile hotel in Pontarlier from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the packages will be made available on stands, with a scale nearby since the price is by weight. But where do these lost packages come from? “We buy them from a company which itself buys them from a logistics platform. You can find everything that is sold on the internet. It comes from Germany, Italy, Spain, all over Europe,” underlines the organizer.

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“There are happy people and disappointed people”

Attention to all those who think they will find what they are looking for during this “mystery package” sale, since in reality, it is a lottery affair. “People are not allowed to open the packages, they can only touch and handle them,” laughs Alexia Lods. Resold at 3 euros per 100 g or 30 euros per kg, this blind resale technique is double-edged. But that’s also what makes it successful! “There are happy people and disappointed people who sometimes sell. But there are also those who come from associations hoping to get a deal,” observes the latter, still surprised by what the packages contain. “I once saw someone with a cell phone. There was also a swimming pool for dogs and even diving suits,” she smiles.

Anti-waste, a fashion?

What is behind these resales of lost packages? The implementation of the anti-waste law, “we are in a spirit of recycling; we want to give these packages a second life,” assures Alexia Lods, happy to see this phenomenon growing. “It’s gained enormous momentum in France and it’s a hit on social media. People sometimes feel like they’re kids again trying to figure out what’s inside. » No worries for people who cannot arrive at the opening of this resale since throughout the day, the stock will be renewed. For her part, Ak Eda, director of the Campanile in Pontarlier, hopes that this sale will attract people. “It would be nice if it gave us a little bit of publicity,” she hopes.




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