Exhibition: Geneva schoolchildren learn to chase the image

Geneva schoolchildren learn to chase away images

Published today at 3:27 p.m.

Everyday life is elsewhere: this is the theme on which hundreds of Geneva schoolchildren have been working, their finger on the trigger, throughout the year. Guided by their teachers and ten professional photographers, these students from around forty primary and secondary classes carried out work around images, today brought together in an exhibition hosted by the Geneva Center of Photography (CPG) and in the Jonction eco-district.

8Ps from Belle-Terre have imagined ephemeral installations with objects from their daily school life.

This is the 2e edition of a biennial and educational project called PIPAS (Photography and image for school learning), led by a multidisciplinary team from the schools-media service of the DIP (Department of Public Education). “While immersed in a rapid and constant flow of images, this research allows schoolchildren to think about photography over a long period of time and develop their own visual language, without following the codes of Instagram or TikTok” , explain Danaé Panchauddirector of the CPG.

Touching testimonies

The theme, deliberately open and non-prescriptive, allowed them to use photography as a means of self-expression and to deliver touching testimonies, often accompanied by texts. In addition to the aspects of analysis and creation, the children also experienced other aspects related to setting up an exhibition, such as creating graphics and posters, communication or welcoming audiences.

At Candolle College, students worked with Elisa Larvego for “Flashback”.

The hanging presents a wide variety of approaches and points of view. A Voltaire class, for example, chose to explore the family photographic archives in order to delve into the intimacy of personal stories. Assisted by Anastasia Mityukova, the middle school students composed family portraits by superimposing photos and temporal moments. Schooled at the ECCG Aimée-Stitelmann, others, under the impetus of Niels Ackermannquestioned the use and limits of artificial intelligence, and were invited to generate images with a view to transforming and improving their school.

“Sculptures are everywhere”, according to a class at the Vésenaz School, under the guidance of Elisa Larvego.

For still others, everyday life here is filled with memories from elsewhere. Coming from all kinds of countries – Ukraine, Brazil, Philippines and Spain, in particular – teenagers from the Collège de Candolle questioned identity affiliations through the prism of photography, with the help ofElisa Larvego. Mostly Afghans and adults, the students of a literacy class, for their part, testified to their new life in a still foreign city, using kites as an original support, one of the rare objects which brings together all the ethnic groups of their country.

Until May 26 at the CPG, 28, rue des Bains, and at the Jonction eco-district, place du 23-Août.

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