Traffic and parking restrictions

Traffic and parking restrictions
Traffic and parking restrictions

Tomorrow, Saturday May 18, 2024, the city will host the Olympic torch relay.

If this event will promote the city and local associations, it will generate a certain number of constraints inherent to the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (COJO).

You will find below all the details to allow you to best anticipate your parking and travel for this day.

Instructions and practical information:

Traffic :

Traffic will be completely closed to all vehicles from 1:00 p.m. on the torch relay axis and certain adjacent streets. You will find details on the attached plan and on the town hall website.

Traffic will reopen at maximum at 5:00 p.m.


No vehicle must park in the squares, sidewalks, etc. located along the route under penalty of being impounded.

The following parking lots will be available:

  • – Parking for the football field, chemin de l’Argenté
  • – Espace Rive Gauche car park
  • – Rue de la Solombère car park
  • – Dutoya car park
  • – Parking rue du Puits
  • – Parking at Lannelongue square

You must park in these car parks before 1:00 p.m.

The two temporary car parks set up for the Bandas festival and located at the Gauge Leisure Center and at the Bossuet high school will be accessible all day.


Due to the traffic closure, businesses will no longer be accessible. Artisan businesses will not be authorized to use their doorstep and/or terrace.




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