security and relief are ready for May 31

security and relief are ready for May 31
security and relief are ready for May 31

Friday May 31, 2024, the Channel will be at Olympic time. From Cherbourg to Mont-Saint-Michel via Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, Sainte-Mère-Église, Saint-Lô, Villedieu and Granville, the torch relay will visit the department. The security and emergency forces and communities took stock of Xavier Brunetière, prefect of La Manche.

: A secure festive day

From the north to the south of the Channel, around a hundred flame bearers, anonymous or known to the general public, will take turns on courses of 0.9 km to more than 4 km in the towns crossed. “So that this festive day takes place in the best conditions, 1,000 people are mobilized, including 600 at Mont-Saint-Michel,” summarizes the prefect who invites the public “ to respect the instructions and not to move while the flame passes.”

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A Samu 50 team at Mont

In Cherbourg, Saint-Lô and Granville, the police will be present with 450 people reinforced by CRS. In the gendarmerie zone, more than 600 soldiers will be distributed on and around the route. Around 300 mobile gendarmes will also be at their side.

For its part, the Samu 50 will reinforce the control room of center 15 on May 31 and the following days in conjunction with the firefighters. “Staff will be present on the sites as well as a reinforced team at Mont-Saint-Michel”, specifies Thomas Delomas, head of Samu.

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: Arrive as early as possible

Friday May 31, from 9 a.m. in Cherbourg to 8 p.m. for the lighting of the Olympic cauldron at Mont-Saint-Michel, “the Channel will be in Tour de France configuration, warns the prefect. The path of the flame and the roads leading to it will be closed half an hour before and half an hour after the passage of the flame. For the public, it will therefore be necessary to anticipate. An hour or two in most cities. “At the Mont, which will benefit from additional parking spaces, insists Thomas Velter, general director of the site, several tens of thousands of people are expected. It will be preferable to arrive at the beginning of the afternoon, favoring the Pontorson-Beauvoir axis.

The use of drones prohibited

The route and timetables can be viewed on the Department’s website, Final security measures to remember: pat-downs and bag searches may take place. A dog specializing in searching for explosives will also be present. Finally, the use of drones on and near the course will be strictly prohibited.



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