Where is the tracking of Mohamed Amra and his accomplices?

Where is the tracking of Mohamed Amra and his accomplices?
Where is the tracking of Mohamed Amra and his accomplices?

Three of the four organizations of the inter-union of prison guards called on the evening of Friday May 17 to lift the prison blockade movement started after the attack on a detainee transfer van on Tuesday in Eure (two prison officers were killed). Emmanuel Baudin, secretary general of FO Justice, noted “significant progress” allowing agents to work in “better” security conditions and thus hope “to never relive such a tragedy again”.

The “advances” obtained relate in particular to the arming of supervisorson the security and renewal of their vehicles, which will be “more powerful”, but also on the limitation of transfers of prisoners to hospitals or courts, thanks to the development of videoconference hearings by judges, detailed the trade unionist.

At the same time, repeat offender Mohamed Amra, alias “The Fly”, and his accomplices are still actively sought. 350 investigators are still mobilized. The injured prison officers were able to be interviewed as well as witnesses and relatives of the fleeing inmate.

Mohamed Amra’s ex-accomplices indicted in the same “organized gang assassination” case were also questioned. All are in pre-trial detention at Baumettes prison in Marseille. Their cells were searched, several phones were seized. It is now a matter of studying the content, particularly the conversations, to verify whether one of these individuals could have been aware of this escape plan. And especially the place where the fugitive and his accomplices are likely to hide.

Also, several technical and scientific police laboratories are analyzing the clues and the slightest traces found in the cars left by the commando behind him. Three vehicles, one of which was not set on fire, were examined with a fine-tooth comb. Finally, titanic work is being carried out on telephony to try to identify the lines used and then the relay antennas.

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