Franky Johnny arrives on the 3rd

Franky Johnny arrives on the 3rd
Franky Johnny arrives on the 3rd

The same 3 in 1 concept of Franky Johnny – Sandwicherie, as in Saint-Vallier, will be offered this summer on 3rd Avenue. As in Saint-Sauveur, the Borderon bakery and the Cantook café will coexist within the same business, in the former Beausoir convenience store.

“Expansion makes me happy. I like the challenge,” says the co-owner of Franky Johnny and resident of Maizerets, Jonathan Marcoux with a smile.

Borderon et Fils moves

Baker François Borderon is moving his bakery from 3rd Avenue, a few hundred meters further on the thoroughfare, to the corner of 11th Street. Mathieu Ainsley from Fix-Ton-Paget completes the trio of owners. Barista Simon Fabi from the Cantook microroaster finds his place in this formula, which functions a bit like a cooperative. The three co-owners of the Franky Johnny branch in Vieux-Limoilou are aiming to open at the beginning of July.

A “dream” soon to come true

The owner of the Fix-Ton-Paget store, located across the street, convinced his business partners to invest in the project.

“It has always been a dream to open in Limoilou,” confides Mr. Ainsley.

Living nearby, the latter sees it as a nice addition to enhance and diversify the offering on 3rd Avenue, in terms of dinners, among other things.

“It’s really going to be good food,” promises the resident of Vieux-Limoilou.

Fresh products made on site

“For the sandwich itself, it’s a good quality, at an affordable price,” adds the cook and co-owner of this sandwich shop, which opened its doors in 2018 on rue Saint-Vallier Ouest.

And the portions are generous, we are told.

Ster They’re not $5 sandwiches either,” explains Jonathan Marcoux.

“It’s really big portions. I myself have trouble finishing my sandwich, when I eat one for dinner, and I’m a good eater. SterI still have to toffe in the afternoon afterwards! »

Fresh morning focaccia prepared daily, homemade mayonnaise and marinated vegetables, brunoise tomatoes, as well as well-seasoned sauces: the products are simple, but tasty.

Bringing together three specialized businesses into one makes it possible to offer high-quality products to customers, according to Mr. Marcoux.

“We rally together, we each take care of our department, with passion, fek we do it well,” he explains.

“That way, the sandwiches are really good, the coffee is excellent and the bread too. That’s the concept at St-Sô and we repeat it here [dans Limoilou] because clearly, people like it! », says the co-owner of Franky Johnny.

Inside, there will be around thirty seats. To this will be added 15 places in the summer on an outdoor terrace. The interior decor will feature ceramics creating a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere, so that “people feel good there” and develop “a feeling of belonging”.

On the personnel side, we plan to hire around fifteen people, including 6 to 8 employees only for the sandwich shop…



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