Creativity and varied disciplines in French Ontario

The arts unfold in a variety of disciplines this week. Great Quebec artists are visiting Ontario. An original show risks giving children ideas of good… and bad moves. And the Franco-Ontarian DJ who never stops is launching another album.

A short film and a dream come true

The new short film by Patrick Thibeault, entitled I’ll be there, will be launched this evening (Friday) in a five to seven format at the sugar shack of the Muséoparc Vanier. The story is about a father who once again has to pick up his adult daughter from a club basement in the middle of the night. It’s not the first time, but it could be the last.

The music for J’y être is by Marc-Antoine Joly. The man who just won the album of the year prize at the Capital Music Awards dreamed of composing film music. He will be performing tonight. A film by Nicole Blundell will also be presented. The filmmaker was one of the finalists for this year’s Peter Honeywell Award, an Ontario Arts Council award given to an artist in mid-career.

The short movie I’ll be there by Patrick Thibeault features actor Richard Léger. Courtesy Patrick Thibeault

Ottawa, May 17 at 5 p.m., at the sugar shack of the Vanier Museopark.

Sticky paper works

The SCOOOOOTCH youth show! is on international tour, with two distinct teams, French (Nouveaux Ballets du Nord-Pas-de-Calais) or Quebec (Synthese Additive), depending on the geographical area. Children aged two to six from Sudbury are invited to attend the Théâre du Nouvel-Ontario (TNO) this Saturday, while those from Ottawa will have the same opportunity on 1er and June 2 at the National Arts Center (NAC). At the heart of this performance combining theater, music and visual arts, we find sticky paper, the famous scotch tape that children often already appreciate… they will see the material transform before their eyes and their creativity will undoubtedly be stimulated, since the uses seem endless. Creative workshops are also organized around the performances.

In Ottawa, the craze for the play SCOOOOOTCH! prompted the CNA to add an additional performance for June 2. Image credit: Liana Paré

Sudbury, May 18. Details on the TNO website. Ottawa, the 1er and June 2. Details on the CNA website.

Hearst on the stage

The HSP Festival (Hearst on the Stages) is in full swing in Hearst until Saturday. Musical performances are in the spotlight during cabaret evenings. At the time of writing, the Friday evening is already sold out, but there are a few tickets left for Saturday. The Divine Interventions show, designed for outdoor performances in parks, is also taking place in Hearst this weekend. It is a creation of the dance and theater company Corpus.

BRAVO-Nord’s Images & Mots exhibition took advantage of the festival to take place in gallery 815. This collection of works inspired by Franco-Ontarian texts will adorn the walls of the gallery until June 28.

The HSP festival in 2022. Image credit: Francine Savoie-Jansson

Hearst, until May 18. Details on the HSP Festival Facebook page.

Sylvain Coulombe in Toronto

The Thompson Landry art gallery, which highlights Quebec artists in the Queen City, offers the works of Sylvain Coulombe from May 18 to June 9. The painter will be on site this Saturday between noon and 4 p.m., to present his exhibition Witness of Their Time. The artist draws inspiration from his own feelings and his environment to create characters who display elements of both sculpture and painting. This exhibition explores the theme of finding happiness in times of adversity, and the comfort that can be found along the way.

This work is the first of the triptych Difficult consent. Image credit: Sylvain Coulombe

Toronto. Meeting with the artist on May 18, exhibition until June 9. Details on the Thompson Landry gallery website.

A big voice in Orléans

Marie-Denise Pelletier will be at the Shenkman Arts Center, as part of the programming of the Orléans Francophone Involvement Movement (MIFO), on May 23. This is the only stop on Ontario soil for his tour Under my female skin. The title is that of his 12e album, released last October, but new releases rub shoulders with timeless ones in this show which also highlights his 40-year career.

For this new album, Marie-Denise Pelletier received songs from several renowned authors and composers, such as Robert Charlebois, Louis-Jean Cormier, Corey Hart, Catherine Major, Michel Rivard and the Franco-Ontarian Marc Séguin. Source: MIFO

Ottawa, May 23. Details on the MIFO website.

New Franco-Ontarian electro album

Now from Montreal, DJ UNPIER teams up with Jérémie Caron, aka Jean L’Océan, for a new opus of eight pieces entitled The club tour. Although Quebecois, Jérémie Caron has Franco-Ontarian roots since his father is a French-speaker from Ottawa. His style oscillates between pop and rap. The beats and lyrics of this collaboration will sometimes make you smile, often nod your head, and maybe throw your arms in the air to dance.

The album launch will take place in the Quebec metropolis on May 22… but our little finger tells us that we could hear parts of it during a summer event whose programming has not yet been officially revealed…

DJ UNPIER (left) and Jean L’Océan (right). Image credit: Soren

Everywhere, right now. Listen on DJ UNPIER’s listening platforms.



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