a 14-year-old teenager saves his building from a fire in Marseille

a 14-year-old teenager saves his building from a fire in Marseille
a 14-year-old teenager saves his building from a fire in Marseille

The largest residential tower in Marseille, located near the Vélodrome stadium, was affected by a fire on Saturday May 11. The intervention of a 14-year-old young man was decisive.

It was a close call, last Saturday May 11, at the Grand Pavois. A major fire broke out in the largest residential tower in Marseille. This was quickly taken care of by the firefighters thanks to a young resident of the building.

It all starts in the afternoon of Saturday May 11, on the 28th floor of the Grand Pavois. Maxime, a 14-year-old teenager, is playing on the console at home in his living room with a friend… when they both hear a sudden noise.

“It was a little stressful”

“We heard a huge ‘boom’, like an explosion or something. Downstairs, some people thought it was a gunshot. We started looking out of the balcony to try to understand what it was and we saw smoke appearing on all sides,” the young man told BFMTV.

He does not panic and methodically applies everything he learned during his firefighter training: call for help, and close all the doors to his apartment to slow the spread of the flames throughout the landing. This has a dozen apartments.

“It was a little stressful but thanks to the training I followed, I was able to react well, in a calm manner. (…) This training, everyone can do it in 3rd grade,” describes Maxim.

Without his composure, the largest residential tower in Marseille would perhaps have completely burned down and could even have disappeared. However, the firefighters were able to stop the flames in time, even if Maxime’s room was completely destroyed by the fire.

A claimed pride

“There is, for example, my grandfather’s alarm clock which unfortunately melted. I am sad because I remember all the memories I had which burned,” says the young man.

His parents, who were absent this weekend, remained greatly impressed by their son’s maturity.

“A lot of pride, emotion because we were very afraid for him. He made gestures that we wouldn’t have thought of. We might have gone into details wanting to save some documents, whereas he went to the essential and as a result he saved almost everything”, says Eric, Maxime’s father.

The origin of the fire is currently unknown. An investigation will have to determine this.

Alexis Lalemant Journalist

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