Ghiath Smart Patrol the technological innovation of the DGSN

Ghiath Smart Patrol the technological innovation of the DGSN
Ghiath Smart Patrol the technological innovation of the DGSN

Agadir, the pearl of southern Morocco, recently witnessed a true technological revolution during the open days of the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN). Among the many attractions that captivated the attention of visitors, one in particular caused a sensation: the Ghiath Smart Patrol.

This innovation, at the cutting edge of technology, embodies the continued modernization of DGSN services and symbolizes their commitment to reinforced and optimized public security.

An Intelligent Patrol for Security

The Ghiath Smart Patrol is not just a police vehicle; it represents a leap forward in the integration of technology in the service of security. Designed to meet modern policing challenges, this intelligent vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems, advanced communications devices and real-time analysis tools. His goal ? Provide law enforcement with increased efficiency in incident management and crime prevention.

Featuring high-resolution cameras and sophisticated sensors, the Ghiath Smart Patrol can monitor large urban areas with unrivaled precision. Its facial recognition and automatic license plate reading systems make it possible to quickly identify suspicious individuals and vehicles, thus facilitating rapid and targeted interventions. In addition, its real-time communication capabilities ensure optimal coordination between units deployed in the field and command centers.

A Popular Success at the Open Days

During the DGSN open days in Agadir, the Ghiath Smart Patrol attracted thousands of visitors, all curious to discover this concentrate of technology. Young and old alike were able to admire this futuristic vehicle up close and witness demonstrations of its impressive capabilities. DGSN agents took the opportunity to explain the multiple functionalities of this intelligent patrol and answer citizens’ questions on the benefits it brings to public safety.

The success of the Ghiath Smart Patrol is not limited to its technological prowess. It also reflects the DGSN’s desire to get closer to citizens and strengthen trust between the police and the population. By opening its doors to the public, the DGSN shows its commitment to transparency and innovation, while demonstrating its active role in building a secure environment for all.

A Tool at the Heart of the Modernization of the DGSN

The adoption of the Ghiath Smart Patrol is part of a broader strategy to modernize Moroccan law enforcement. The DGSN, under the leadership of Abdellatif Hammouchi, has continued to invest in advanced technologies to improve the security and efficiency of its operations. The introduction of this intelligent vehicle is a major step in this approach, highlighting Morocco’s capacity to integrate technological innovations into the management of public security.




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