GARD RHODANIEN Around a hundred business and political leaders celebrate the Buy Local charter

The association of business leaders in the service, construction and industry sectors of Gard Rhone, Grisbi, organized its fourth “Grisbi day” this Thursday in Laudun-l’Ardoise. The opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of the Buy Local charter, which has strengthened the links between the economic and political worlds, but not only that.

Like every year, the day began with an internal show, at which “nearly forty members were able to highlight their activity”, underlines the president of Grisbi Olivier Soubeiran. Because with the idea of ​​promoting the local economy, Grisbi ensures that its members know each other and know each other’s activities.

Then, at the end of the morning, a special plenary was held, “with many more participants than usual, around 110, compared to 50, 60”, says Olivier Soubeiran. It must be said that for the occasion, each member could invite a business leader to discover the association, and that many mayors of the area had responded to the invitation.

A special plenary was held on the occasion of Grisbi day • Photo: Thierry Allard

Mayors at the center of the Buy Local charter, launched in 2017 by Grisbi, of which “Grisbi Day” is the anniversary. “When we set up this system, these relationships between the political and economic worlds, which seem obvious today, were not”, recalls Vincent Champetier, who initiated and then carried the charter. The idea of ​​this document is to “raise elected officials’ awareness of the importance of consuming locally, of the virtuous circle that results from it, and of the relationships that can also be established through sourcing”, he continues, recalling that the association can direct communities looking for a specific skill or service to local professionals. Today, almost all the municipalities of the Gard Rhone Agglomeration are signatories of the charter, “but it has to be cultivated, nothing is ever gained”slips Vincent Champetier.

This “Grisbi day” was also an opportunity for the association to discuss other issues, such as the upcoming mobilization for the installation of a small modular reactor (SMR) in Marcoule. “If this winter all the lights were green, the decision was postponed, which is generally not a good signrecalls Olivier Soubeiran. In the meantime, we have learned that Fessenheim has put itself on the list, it will be necessary for all the players in the Rhone Gard to show their motivation at the Élysée. » Actions of the type of those undertaken last year for the EPR2 at Tricastin are envisaged.

In another register, the solidarity commission of Grisbi announced that it had chosen, as an annual action, to support the House of Solidarity Alternatives of Bagnols, to which it will finance kitchen equipment for its solidarity restaurant.

Like every year, “Grisbi day” was the opportunity to present the Green prizes, which reward the environmental commitment of its members. The 2024 podium is made up of Yann Cauchard from Laudun Optique, Cannelle Tintorini from Nuances Reflets and Marie Gaido, interior designer.

Élise Feja, co-president of the Gard Rhone delegation of the CCI, presented a check for 8,000 euros to Grisbi • Photo: Thierry Allard

The event was also an opportunity for the Gard Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose president Éric Giraudier came to the show in the morning, to sign the annual convention with Grisbi and to give him the check for 8,000 euros that goes with it. The event ended in the evening with a conference by job market specialist Éric Gras, with a focus on generation Z.



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