The “dirty” rapper obsessed with death

The “dirty” rapper obsessed with death
The “dirty” rapper obsessed with death

When I learned that the 11e murder victim since early 2024 in Montreal was Dirty S“a well-known rapper in the industry”, I told myself that I had to take a deep interest in his work.

I leave the analysis of the consequences of this murder to my colleagues specializing in police affairs. And I want to analyze Dirty S’s work as if he were an artist like any other.

Who knows, Christopher Shawn Jean Vilsaint, who worked under the pseudonym Dirty S, was perhaps a Rimbaud of the streets, a Miron d’Ahuntsic, a little-known poet?


“A 27-year-old rapper linked to street gangs was killed by several gunshots on Tuesday evening in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville district of Montreal,” we learned in The newspaper.

I analyzed Dirty S’s most popular music videos.

In the video of AddictI counted 26 gunshots in 3 minutes 30. Ironically, this clip shows Dirty S shot, bleeding profusely, and being treated by a buxom blonde.

What do the lyrics of this rap say?

“They act like they’re happy for me / but are filled with jealousy / Unfortunately my bad habits have become my way of life / I don’t care if I shoot you / you’ll take it between the eyes.”

  • Listen to the interview with Stéphane Wall, retired SPVM supervisor specializing in judicious use of force, via QUB :

About his gunhe says: “I keep it on me as if it were legal / Action-reaction you have become a victim, it’s fatal / When you commit the crime you have to take responsibility / When there’s a problem we aim for the chest.”

In rap Not since yesterdayhe sings: “If you run away, the bullets will catch up with you / Always armed even in the club / I make my enemies claustrophobic.”

In rap Hellhe sings: “I’m going to deliver what he asked of me / Avoid the police, I’m used to it / There’s a lot of people who want me dead but just God can stop me / There’s a lot of people of victims on the list I don’t even need to name them.”

In rap Identifyhe sings: “If you knew everything we were doing, you would be surprised / I have a lot of tension in the street so I pull the trigger / I make at least 200k in two months / Yes I make holes, what wouldn’t we do for pennies.”

In rap My fallhe sings: “Many want me to fall / The police want me to go to prison / I don’t give a damn if you’re two meters tall / You’ll pay for your life with 9 millimeters.”

In 2021, Dirty S participated in the great rap success Too manywhich begins with these prophetic words Too many murders, and too much money.


Speaking of money, that’s all we see in all of Dirty S’s music videos.

Big wads of cash, bottles of luxury cognac, a girl wearing Yves St Laurent shoes, close-ups of diamond watches, Burberry t-shirts, a kitchen counter full of lobsters, large diamond medallions, a bottle of Moët & Chandon, etc.

To what extent does the Quebec rap community feel comfortable with artists who so glorify the criminal world, dirty money and violence?



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