This collective from Vendée creates hellish decors on the Hellfest site: who are they?


Vincent Malboeuf

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May 16, 2024 at 6:29 p.m.

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Three weeks after the closure to the public of Hellfest website to make room for preparation for the 2024 festival, work is moving forward.

On this Monday, May 13, handling equipment is occupying the land. Metal bars litter the ground at the Altar and Temple stages. Of the technicianswhite construction helmets on their heads, begin to assemble them.

Next door, the imposing Sanctuary (name given to Merch XXL since last year) is already in place.

Main architect of the Mad Max-style apocalyptic decor

At the bottom of this iconic 15 hectare site, on the Valley side, it is Antoine known as “Coquillette” who welcomes. He is one of the jack-of-all-trades artists of the Vendée collective Monic la Mouche. To whom Hellfest owes a lot for the creation of this Mad Max-style apocalyptic setting, making the Clisson festival (in Loire-Atlantique) famous.

Bars in containers, scorpion car clinging to the facade, the ball of fire overlooking the central bar, the Warzone and Valley scenesthe metal fences branded Hellfest… all of this is by Monic la Mouche, main architect of the Hellfest scenography alongside Jimmix (Kingdom of Muscadet door, first statue of Lemmy Kilmister…) and Jean-François Buisson (roundabout guitar, Hellfest tree…).

“The Hellfest environment and the mass decor are us,” recognizes Antoine.

Eight seedlings loaded in early May

He and his colleagues Baptiste, “Rouks”, Fred, Alex and Simon Boisliveau – the Clissonnais of the group, co-author of the new statue of Lemmy Kilmister with Caroline Brisset – have been working on the site since May 2.

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That day, the entire team led by Eric Lejeune charged eight seedlings from his workshop in Chauché (between Montaigu and La Roche-sur-Yon). Direction Clisson.

Inside, a full of decorations and large volumes of metal to be returned to the site. During these two months of preparation, until the day before the festival on June 27, a lot of work awaits the team.

The Vendée collective Monic la Mouche takes care of lighting the decorations throughout the Hellfest site. ©HSM

Lighting of the Hellfest site

We take care of lighting the entire site and what surrounds the scenes. This represents almost 2,000 sources. We also installed the new control room (all metal, editor’s note) for the Valley stage.

Eric Lejeune, creator and coordinator of Monic la Mouche founded in 2002

During the high mass of metal, these are 750 torch pots which must then be lit every evening.

“That’s the equivalent of two big hours of work per day. We are doubling our numbers on this part. If everything is done well beforehand, we can then fully enjoy the festival, smiles the one who supervises his team. Our main job, It’s the assembly and dismantling, which takes us around two weeks.”

The Valley scene to be finalized

Monic the Fly knows music by heart. Collective work since the beginning for Hellfest, and even before for Eric Lejeune.

“I attended Furyfest in 2005 as bar manager,” says the man who previously ran a café-concert in Nantes.

Preparation for the festival began three weeks ago at Hellfest. Here, Monday May 12, technicians began to assemble the marquee which will house the Altar stage. ©HSM

His collaboration with Ben Barbaud, who has become his friend, hits the mark. The two work “in confidence”, the boss of Hellfest leaving “great flexibility of action” to create such a universe within the site. This was the case for Warzone and now for Valley, a scene not yet finalized.

“At Hellfest, utopia turns into reality”

Hellfest is our main client and has propelled us to other spheres. We grew up with Hellfest, it’s a real human co-construction. Here, utopia turns into reality. All spaces are worked on and improve year after year.

Eric Lejeune

Creation the craziest for 18 years? “The one to come,” says Eric Lejeune. We always want to go further with Hellfest.”

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