Lévis has a civil security office

The executive committee of the City of Lévis authorized the creation of a new office dedicated to civil security this week.

The mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier, explains this decision by slightly more significant effects climate change and population growth.

Let’s think about ground movements, bank erosion, oppressive heat, snow storms, icelists the first magistrate of the City.

This is why, since this week, Lévis has had an entity in its own right which will be responsible in particular for the planning and execution of emergency plans in the event of disasters.

We had a civil security service, but it reported to the fire department.explains Mayor Lehouillier.

For the moment, it is impossible to quantify the total costs associated with the creation of this new civil security office.

An office to centralize efforts

It is the man who was until then deputy director of the fire department, Richard Amnotte, who will take the reins of this new entity.

The man, employed by the City of Lévis since 2011, was also involved in the fire services of the cities of Sainte-Foy and Quebec at the turn of the 2000s.


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Richard Amnotte, left, is the director of the new civil security office in Lévis.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Philippe L’Heureux

For him, the objective is to bring each of the municipal services, at its fair value, to contribute to a better state of preparation.

He adds that the work of the civil security office will focus not only on environmental but also human factors.

We also have anthropogenic risks, so everything that is industrial, institutional, technological about which we must raise awareness.says the director.

In the next year, Richard Amnotte plans to surround himself with three people to form a complementary team.

News well received in the community

The leader of the opposition in Lévis, Serge Bonin, believes that the creation of this office is a very good thing for the City.

years with around fifteen employees”,”text”:”It is a structure which is essential, Quebec has had it for 20 years with around fifteen employees”}}”>It is a structure that is essential, Quebec has had it for 20 years with around fifteen employees.believes the leader of Repensons Lévis, who also affirms that the population of Lévis is exploding.


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The Valero refinery in Lévis is already working closely with the City to prepare emergency plans. (Archive photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sebastien Vachon

The managers of the Valero refinery in Lévis also welcomed the City’s decision.

With a city experiencing strong growth, the establishment of a full-fledged office will improve the sharing of already existing good practices.the company announced in a press release.



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