In this class in Moselle, sheep are registered as students!

In this class in Moselle, sheep are registered as students!
In this class in Moselle, sheep are registered as students!

No, this is not a joke. In Moselle, parents of students and elected officials from the municipalities of Hermelange, Nitting and Voyer discovered, in a letter from the Academic Inspectorate, that one of the classes of the intercommunal school was threatened with closure at the start of the school year. In question ? Insufficient number of students. Despite the registration of 94 students, this number remains below the threshold of 98 students required by National Education to maintain a class. On RTL, the first magistrate of the commune of Voyer describes the situation as “ubiquitous”, before recalling that in 2021, this same class had been opened with “only” 90 students.

Failing to find the 4 missing children, the residents decided to register at the beginning of May, four sheep belonging to a farmer who was also the parent of a student in the town. “They (the academic inspection, Editor’s note) count our children like sheep, so we went to the limit of absurdity by registering four missing sheep to have our numbers at the start of the school year,” Élodie testifies to the RTL media.

The parents even assigned first names to these four sheep, reports the media 20 minutes. Their names are John Deere, Marguerite Duprés, Phil Tondu and Valériane Deschamps. These new classmates were also assigned parents, an address and a date of birth. To push the absurdity even further, the residents even declared them to National Education. The four sheep spent a few hours in the yard (…)

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