Links2Wellbeing social prescribing project receives funding to extend its work connecting Ontario’s seniors to community health resources and social supports

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The partnership between the Alliance for Healthy Communities and the Association of Centers for the Year of theOntario contributes to the creation of important connections to combat isolation and loneliness among older people.

TORONTO, May 16, 2024 /CNW/ – The Alliance for Healthy Communities and the Association of Centers for the Year of theOntario (ACAO) are delighted to announce that an anonymous donor has provided additional funding to extend their partnership for phase 2 of the Links2Wellbeing (L2W) Social Prescribing for Years project for another four years.

Since the launch of the L2W project in 2021, the teams of the L2W project and their community health partners collaborate with health care providers across theOntario to establish sustainable local working frameworks for social prescribing. These frameworks enable referrals to appropriate non-clinical services offered by their local active living center for seniors (CVAPA). To date, collaboration with 93 CVAPA programs and more than 200 health care organizations, including 27 community health centers and community family health teams, has enabled more than 1,500 older people in Ontario to receive a referral through the L2W project.

Referrals, primarily for social isolation, loneliness and depression, have produced significant results. Over a six-month period, 52% of referred clients reported a reduction in loneliness; this figure increased to 62% after one year. In addition, 40% noted an improvement in their physical and mental health, as well as a strengthened sense of belonging to the community thanks to their participation in their local CVAPA programs.

Participants reported an increase in their knowledge, a broader open-mindedness, as well as an improvement in their self-esteem and enthusiasm for life. Many clients testify that their participation in CVAPA activities allowed them to rediscover the pleasure of living and to feel more fulfilled. Additionally, clients recovering from serious illnesses, including cancer treatments and hospitalizations for depression, emphasize the importance of local CVAPA in their recovery.

The staff of active living centers for elderly peopleOntario highlights the importance of this program in creating a sense of purpose for customers. He emphasizes that it is these small details like getting up in the morning without a plan for the day, without expectations, without anyone to contact, without a project, which prove difficult. The project [L2W] gave clients a reason to be, a place to play, a place to socialize, a routine and friends.

Additionally, the Links2Wellbeing project has established a provincial and national community of practice on social prescribing. Throughout the project, presentations on the implementation of social prescribing were also carried out in numerous clinical and healthcare settings.

Thanks to an anonymous funder, the Links2Wellbeing project will continue for another four years. The next phase aims to further integrate social prescribing into the country’s health system.Ontario and community sector for years and increase the capacity and reach of the program.

The last three years have clearly shown the positive impact that social prescribing can have on reducing social isolation or loneliness among older people. Bringing seniors into contact with active living center programs for seniors (CVAPA) and other community resources has fostered the establishment of social connections, helped them rediscover their previous interests, and created new activities. leisure and entertainment, and contribute to their well-being. In addition to individual benefits for older people, the Links2Wellbeing (L2W) project has enabled CVAPA and ACAO to forge new relationships, create innovative partnerships and begin to integrate social prescribing into the health and care sectors. years.

Sue HesjedahlExecutive Director, Association of Centers for the AgedOntario

L’Ontario is facing a health human resources crisis; one way to optimize limited resources is to ensure that clinical staff members enjoy the full exercise of their profession. Alliance members’ experience with social prescribing and programs like Links2Wellbeing has shown that when older people participate in social prescribing, they visit their clinician less frequently, freeing up time for other people. This has a positive effect on the entire health system. For individuals, contact established with programs and organizations to address non-clinical needs has positive impacts on physical and mental health outcomes; for example, exercise and healthy eating programs that prevent and help manage chronic illnesses, and social groups that help combat loneliness and isolation, thereby reducing the risk of depression and other health problems. mental. Social prescribing fills the gap in our health and social care systems by helping providers and organizations respond to what matters most for people’s health, wellbeing and lives.

Sarah HobbsCEO, Alliance for Healthy Communities

Source Alliance for Healthy Communities

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