Ended for me the municipal parties in Sherbrooke

Ended for me the municipal parties in Sherbrooke
Ended for me the municipal parties in Sherbrooke

The next mayor of Sherbrooke will not come from a municipal party. I am sure of it. This person will be independent because he or she will have understood that a municipal council is not a parliament like the National Assembly or the House of Commons where an opposition always opposes the party in power. Rather, the municipal council is a place where consensus is constantly sought in order to move the affairs of a city forward. Where everyone advances priority issues for the citizens of their district in addition to seeking to balance the budget.

The municipal council manages citizens’ trash cans, holes in the streets, in short, basic infrastructure. We are talking about matters that must be resolved quickly. And through the band, we try together to give ourselves a vision for our city. Managing a city is a question of compromise.

Asphalt, sewers and drinking water do not go hand in hand with the dying planet, the war in Ukraine, the conflict in Palestine or the signs to bring Raif Badawi to Sherbrooke. These are files from the other two levels of government.

It is not for nothing that the Sherbrooke Citizen party founded by Évelyne Beaudin and Claude Dostie is on the verge of collapse and that the Sherbrookois Renewal of Bernard Sévigny did not last long. A party has no choice in having a political orientation. It comes with the concept. It forces those who join the party to fit the mold and adopt the party’s program which does not take into account the realities and needs of the city. Above all, it will never take into account the needs and realities of citizens. Everything becomes centered on the political vision of the party, even if this is not in harmony with the will of a majority of citizens.

Let’s take public transportation as an example. Sherbrooke Citoyen seems to forget that public transport comes with significant costs, but also a need to be efficient. Thus, a municipal council composed of elected officials not subject to a party line is able to look coldly at the effectiveness of the network and decide whether it should be improved, increased, reduced or completely abolished based on the reality of the city. . That’s managing compromise.

From the moment municipal councilors are disconnected from the needs of citizens for political or ideological considerations which aim first to save the party and the planet before solving a street corner or pothole problem, we finds himself with individuals who jeopardize the financial health of the city. For what? Because for them, the planet comes first.

Common sense

To manage a city and take it further, it takes common sense. A mayor who is guided by common sense will automatically be more successful than a collective of elected officials who are more concerned about the fate of the planet than the citizens of Rock Forest or Saint-Élie.

Moreover, I believe more and more that a municipal council where the diversity of opinions is as varied as the number of individuals who make it up will always have an easier time reaching a consensus rather than two political groups with opposing ideals who will never achieve anything unless one is in the majority.

This is why I will vote for a town hall that will be completely independent. A mayor who will seek consensus first and foremost. I will certainly not vote for the candidate who has best succeeded in impressing the members of his party to become its leader, but who wants to save the world before his own city and to the detriment of his citizens’ wallets.

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