FOOTBALL – Centenary of the District: The big day for the District

FOOTBALL – Centenary of the District: The big day for the District
FOOTBALL – Centenary of the District: The big day for the Somme District

This Friday at the end of the day the president of the football district, Pascal Tranquille will be in his little shoes. With the members of the steering committee elected since 2021, it will welcome around 300 people who have come to celebrate the centenary of the Somme district.

It’s at the Unicorn stadium, in the Bodega the usual place for SC supporters who come for a drink after a meeting, that this party celebrating the 100 years of the Somme district will take place. At the time, we said District of Picardie and over time, some changes took place in the acronym itself, depending on the division of the regions.

Today the Somme district is chaired by Pascal Tranquille in office since 2021. He is only the 6th president and it is not long after Mr.Marle who will have stayed for about a year, Henri Leclercq remained president for more than half a century. Were then elected Yves Mercher, André Pouilly, Marcel Glavieux and today Pascal Tranquille.

This Friday we should have close to 300 people who, for a few hours, will have the opportunity to remember the good times experienced in the past. Indeed, this Friday, in addition to the current elected officials either from the steering committee or the commissions, we will have the presence of former elected officials who have also made their contribution to the building and will surely take pleasure in remember the good times of yesteryear.

The Somme football district continues to grow and today, it has 172 clubs for 24,613 licensees which constitutes a record. However, it seems that these figures could not be exceeded to the extent that in our department, the problem of pitches and this lack of synthetics is acute. But it is above all the problem of volunteer leaders which is becoming more and more worrying. Today, being a volunteer leader has nothing to do with that of the past. In the past, a volunteer spent his Sunday at the stadium and today, mentalities having changed the current volunteer is less available.

This evening will be divided into two parts: a first devoted to speeches and another to a show. Let us nevertheless draw up this sad observation: the presence of a strict minimum of elected politicians. Even if Stéphane Haussoulier, president of the Somme Department and Alain Gest president of Amiens Métropole ensured their presence, without forgetting the Senator Stéphane Demilly who loves sport, for this centenary of the Somme district, we deplore the absence of the president of the French Federation and this seems unfair to us because in the past MM. Sastre and Pochonet came to Amiens on the occasion of the 50th and 30th anniversary of the district.

Centenary of the Somme District
This Friday, May 17, 6 p.m. at the Bodega at the Unicorn stadium

Lionel Herbet
Photo credit: DR



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